Why Apple AirTags are a must-have for your holiday

When you go on holiday, you naturally want everything to go smoothly. And you certainly don’t want to lose your luggage or valuables. That’s why AirTags are your best friend during the holidays!

AirTags: a must-have for your holiday

AirTags are small, round trackers that you attach to your luggage, keys, or other valuables. They work via Bluetooth and use Apple’s Find My network, so you can always see exactly where the AirTags are located.

This way you can find lost or stolen items quickly and easily. And it doesn’t matter whether they are near you or on the other side of the world. We list all the benefits of AirTags for your holiday.

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Never lose your suitcase again

One of every traveler’s biggest nightmares is losing your suitcase. So put an AirTag in it and you will always know where the suitcase is during your holiday. If your suitcase did not come with your flight, you can easily trace its location thanks to the AirTag. That can save you a lot of stress and time!

Protection of your valuables

In addition to your suitcase, you can also use AirTags on holiday to protect other valuables. Think of your wallet, passport or camera. By attaching an AirTag to them, you can quickly find them if you have left them somewhere. Very useful in busy tourist places, for example. Apple also sells all kinds accessories that make it easier to attach AirTags to your valuables.


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Easily find your car

If you rent a car on holiday, it can sometimes be difficult to find your car in large parking lots in unknown areas. With an AirTag in your car, you can always see exactly where your car is parked. This can also save you a lot of time and effort.

Handy for groups

If you’re traveling with a group, AirTags can help keep everyone together more easily during your vacation. For example, attach AirTags to the backpacks of all your traveling companions and you always know exactly where everyone is. Also useful if you’re going on an adventure with the whole family!

Want to buy AirTag? It is cheapest here

AirTags are therefore practically indispensable when you go on holiday, but they are also very useful after returning home. For example, attach one to your keys and you’ll never have to look for them again. Or you can hide an AirTag in your bicycle or car, so that you can always keep an eye on its location. We have already looked up the best prices for you in our AirTag price comparator. This way you know that you are not paying too much!

The best alternatives to AirTags

Do you think real AirTags for your holiday are a bit on the expensive side? Don’t worry, there are many alternatives available that are a lot cheaper. At the Action you will find the Fresh ‘n Rebel smart finder for 6.95 euros, if you really don’t want to spend too much. We are much more pleased with the Smart Finder of the Kruidvat. At 9.99 euros it is hardly more expensive, but it works perfectly!

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