Why you should hide your email address – this is how it works on iPhone

Do you often log in to different websites with your email? Then it is advisable to hide your email address with your iPhone. That is how it works!

Hide email on your iPhone

Since iOS 15, Apple has given you the option to hide your email on your iPhone. If you want to log in to a website via Safari, you will be given the option to enter an alternative email address. Apple will then create a new email address for you, so that you do not have to use your own. All emails sent to this alternative email address will arrive in your own inbox.

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This way, your email is much less susceptible to hackers, because a different email address is stored in the database of the website to which you log in. This way, hackers cannot find your real email address and they cannot abuse it. It is therefore strongly recommended to use the function on your iPhone, so that you can be sure that your email remains safe. We will explain how to set this up.

hide email address iphone

This way you use an alternative email address

To hide your email address on your iPhone, you must have a subscription to iCloud Plus. You pay at least 0.99 euros per month for this, in which case you also get 50 GB of iCloud storage. Then it is also possible to use an alternative email address, so that your own email remains safe. It goes like this:

  1. Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone;

  2. Tap your name to open your Apple ID;

  3. Go to iCloud;

  4. Choose ‘Hide my email address’;

  5. Tap ‘Create new email address’;

  6. Finally, add a label for what you are using the email address for.

In this list you will also see an overview of all alternative email addresses that you have used previously and on which websites or apps you have entered them. You also always get the option to hide your email address when you visit a website on your iPhone. In that case, ‘Hide my email address’ will appear in the bar above your keyboard. Your iPhone will then create a new email for you to log in.

hide mail example

More benefits of iCloud Plus

On the Mac you get the same option if you want to log in to Safari, but your device must be running macOS Monterey (12) or newer. Hiding your email address on your iPhone and Mac is one of the advantages of iCloud Plus. In addition, you get more memory with a subscription to iCloud, so you can store more photos, videos, backups and other files in your cloud.

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The price of the subscription depends on the digital storage space you need. You can hide your email address from the cheapest subscription of 0.99 euros per month. Not sure how much storage you need with iCloud? Here we give you a number of tips so that you can estimate which iCloud subscription suits you best! Read here what other benefits you get with iCloud Plus.

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