Will there be another Apple event in October? (iPhone News #40)

Apple sometimes holds an event in October after the iPhone keynote. Is that also the case this year? And there is a solution for overheating iPhones. This was the most important Apple and iPhone news of the week!

Will there be a new Apple event in October (and what can you expect)?

apple 2020

There are usually about four Apple events per year. There will be an Apple event in the spring and around June you will of course be ready for the annual WWDC. Then there is the iPhone event in September and there is often a fourth event in the fall. Unfortunately, it looks like we will miss this last event this year.

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Overheating on the iPhone 15 Pro (Max): this is how Apple solves the problem

iPhone 15 overheating

There have been many complaints about overheating on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max for some time now. Several causes were cited for the problem, including the phone’s new casing. But now there is a solution to this problem.

This is the solution

Apple wants to buy Formula 1 streaming rights (and that’s good news)

apple formula 1

Good news if you have Apple TV Plus, as Apple is reportedly planning to buy Formula 1’s streaming rights. This is not the first sport where Apple wants to buy broadcast rights. It previously became clear that the company is also interested in deals to broadcast the NBA (basketball), NFL (football) and baseball. Then the offering on Apple TV Plus will probably be much more extensive.

But when?

Netflix is ​​becoming more expensive again: you pay extra for these subscriptions

Netflix money

According to sources from The Wall Street Journal, Netflix plans to increase the prices of its streaming service again. This price increase should take effect ‘a few months after the end of the actors’ strike in the US’.

This strike currently has a major impact on the production of new content. So at iPhoned we expect that Netflix is ​​already feeling the effects of this, and that it now wants to compensate for possible losses with a price increase. This is what you need to know about it.

That’s how expensive Netflix is ​​getting

You Shouldn’t Turn Your iPhone 15 Too Loud (and Here’s Why)

iphone 15 sound problem

Don’t turn up the sound on your iPhone 15 too loud! If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t do this, you probably haven’t tried it yet. Because it can happen that the speaker in the iPhone 15 starts to creak terribly, especially when the sound is turned up loudly.

So it’s a good idea to try it out so that you can take action if it bothers you.

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7 tips to improve the battery life of your iPhone 15

iPhone 15 battery

Apple released four new iPhones in September. Of the iPhone 15 (Plus) and the iPhone 15 Pro (Max), the Plus and Pro Max have the best battery life. But what if you have an iPhone 15 or an iPhone 15 Pro? Then we have 7 tips to significantly improve battery life.

Don’t have an iPhone 15? No worries! Of course, you can also use (most of) these tips for other iPhones to significantly extend the battery life.

Discover the battery tips

iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Google Pixel 8 Pro: these are the differences

iPhone 15 Pro Max Google Pixel 8 Pro

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is the successor to the Pixel 7 Pro. The device has a flat screen, in contrast to the curved edges of its predecessor. It is a so-called LPTO panel, which, just like the screen of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, can switch back to 1 Hz for static images to save the battery. But is the Google phone really better than the iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Compare the phones

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