Wireless charging: this is why your iPhone (and Apple) advises against it

Charging your iPhone wirelessly is of course very easy. But still it is not recommended to use it, even by Apple.

It is better not to charge your iPhone wirelessly

Apple recently updated some of its support pages. There was a noticeable change on the page about wireless charging of your iPhone. It now says that wireless charging can consume more power than wired charging.


You will also see a notification on your iPhone when you place the device on a wireless charger for the first time. The iPhone has been able to show this notification since iOS 17.2. What exactly Apple says on the support page is the next.

With an iPhone 15 model, you will receive a notification the first time you use a wireless charger in the European Union or countries or regions that are part of the European Free Trade Association. Commissioned by the EU, the notification says that wireless charging can consume more power than wired charging.

If you read this, you will notice that Apple only mentioned this because the EU required them to do so. This does not alter the fact that wireless charging of any device (including the iPhone) uses more power than charging via a wire. In addition, your device becomes warmer and it usually takes longer to charge the battery. So it is almost always wise to charge your iPhone via the cable.

Will wireless charging become the standard?

There have been rumors for years that Apple wants to eliminate the charging port altogether. That fits in with the company’s philosophy: such a strange hole at the bottom of your iPhone naturally detracts from the design. Without a port, it is probably also easier to make iPhones water resistant.

MagSafe Battery Pack iPhone 12

However, Apple still has to make some adjustments. Charging your iPhone wirelessly with MagSafe should then be faster and a lot more efficient. Heat development must also be taken into account.

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