With these 10 WhatsApp tips you get the most out of the chat app

WhatsApp is the most popular chat application in the Netherlands. That makes the chances that you are also a user. Sending messages speaks for itself, but do you really get the most out of this versatile app? Maybe not. We therefore give you several tips that make WhatsApp safer, more user-friendly and more fun.

1. Backup for Android

There are two ways to back up WhatsApp on an Android smartphone. Cumbersome via an external storage source (computer or micro-SD card) or simply via Google Drive. WhatsApp recommends the second method. A backup in Drive does not count towards your storage space, but it is not secured with end-to-end encryption. It cannot therefore be ruled out that WhatsApp or Google will have access to your conversations.

You can make a backup by opening WhatsApp and clicking on the three dots at the top right. Choose Settings, Chats, Chat backup. Tap on Back up to Google Drive and set a desired frequency, for example Weekly. Select your Google account and indicate whether the backup should only be made via WiFi or also via a mobile connection.

If you reinstall or reinstall WhatsApp on the same or another phone with the same phone number and Google account, you will be asked if you want to restore the Google Drive backup. Tap op Recover and your chat history and media will be restored.

2. Backup for iPhone

If you have an iPhone, you can make a WhatsApp backup for iCloud. This is Apple’s cloud service. This backup does not contain end-to-end encryption. Open WhatsApp and choose Settings, Chats, Chats Backup, Backup Now. You must be signed in with the Apple ID you use for your iCloud.

ICloud Drive must also be turned on and the free storage space on your phone and iCloud must be at least 2.05 times the size of your backup. Preferably make the backup via a WiFi connection to save your mobile data bundle.

3. Set up two-step verification

WhatsApp supports the two-step verification. This is an extra security method that protects your account better against malicious parties. Two-step verification significantly reduces the chances of someone taking over your WhatsApp, but oddly enough, it’s turned off by default.

Enable the feature by opening WhatsApp and clicking Settings, Account, 2-Step Verification to click. Select a six digit code and confirm it. Enter your email address so WhatsApp can send you a link if you forget your code. This will prevent you from losing access to your WhatsApp account.

Choose a code that you can remember, but avoid simple ones like 000000 or 123456.

4. Screen the app

WhatsApp has a built-in function to unlock the app with your fingerprint. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone, tap the three dots at the top right and click Settings. Choose now Account, Privacy and select Fingerprint lock. Turn it on. You can set how often WhatsApp asks for your fingerprint.

On the iPhone, you activate the security function by opening WhatsApp and Settings, Account, Privacy and Screen Saver clicking. Switch VAsk for Touch ID in. The iPhone X has Face ID face protection. WhatsApp also supports this. The step-by-step plan is the same as for Touch ID, after which you Ask for Face ID turns on.

5. Change your number

Do you have a new mobile phone number for whatever reason and do you want to keep using WhatsApp on the same smartphone? Which can. First, check if your old phone number has been verified by opening WhatsApp and – on Android – clicking on the three dots. Choose for both Android and iPhone Settings, tap your profile picture and check if your old number is visible at Info. If so, remove your old SIM card from the smartphone and insert the new one.

For an Android device, the steps are as follows. Open WhatsApp, click on the three dots, Settings, Account and Change number. Enter your old number at the top and your new one at the bottom. Tap on Next one, select whether WhatsApp should update your contacts, and then tap Ready. Finally, verify your new number.

With an iPhone, you open WhatsApp and choose Settings, Account, Change number, Next. After that, the steps are the same. Your chat history will be preserved and WhatsApp will automatically delete the account associated with your old number.

6. Block WhatsApp contacts

Are you bothered by an annoying person or spam messages from an unknown sender? You can easily block a contact so that you no longer receive messages.

Go to the conversation with the person you want to block. Click on the name or number of the person at the top of the screen and you will see a screen with lots of information and options. Swipe down and click To block. Confirm your choice and you’re done. The person can no longer call you or send you messages.

7. Live location sharing

You can temporarily share your live location via WhatsApp in a personal or group conversation. Kids can turn on the feature to let their parents follow a bike ride in the dark, just to name one example.

On an iPhone, go to the Settings from the smartphone and then click – depending on the software version Privacy, Location Services, WhatsApp, Always or WhatsApp, Location, Always. Open WhatsApp, choose a personal or group conversation and press Add, Location, Share live location.

Indicate how long you want to share your live location, add a message if desired and click Send. After the period expires, the location sharing stops automatically. You stop sharing earlier by in the relevant chat on Stop with sharing to push.

On an Android device, open WhatsApp, select a conversation and click Add, Location, Share live locatione. Choose a time frame, write a message if you like, then tap To send. To stop sharing earlier is done via the Stop sharingbutton in a conversation.

8. Recognize WhatsApp Fraud

Scammers all over the internet are trying to take your hard-earned money. Unfortunately also on WhatsApp, where fraudsters like to pretend to be known. Usually, the so-called acquaintance asks you urgently for a sum of money. He’s supposedly sending the message from his new phone. The question is whether you want to transfer the money to a bank account, via PayPal or via a Tikkie.

Pay close attention to this. A profile picture is easily stolen, so don’t rely on it. Make sure the number matches the number in your address book and pay attention to the person’s language. Are you in doubt? Call the person, because a scammer will fall short.

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9. Dark mode

This function has only been in WhatsApp since the beginning of March: a dark mode. This mode is easier on the eyes, especially in the evening, and saves some energy on smartphones with an OLED screen.

On Android you activate dark mode as follows. Open WhatsApp, click on the three dots, Settings, Chats, Theme. Choose the dark theme. If your device is running Android version 10, you can too System standard check. WhatsApp will then follow the schedule of your phone settings to determine whether you will see the light or dark theme.

On an iPhone, do the following: open WhatsApp, choose Settings, Display and brightness, Dark. You can also set the dark mode to turn on at a specific time.

10. Monitor sessions

Finally, with WhatsApp Web you can WhatsApp from your computer. The connection is via your smartphone. Very handy, but this method is not foolproof. For example, envious partners use special (free) apps that abuse the WhatsApp Web protocol, so they can follow your conversations remotely. Really, we see a lot of question and answer sessions about it in closed groups on Facebook, among others. Protect yourself from espionage, even if you don’t have a partner.

On an Android device, open WhatsApp, click on the three dots and choose WhatsApp Web. On an iPhone, start WhatsApp and choose Settings, WhatsApp Web. If sessions are active (on a computer or spy device) you will see them under the logged in devices. You can deregister those devices, so logging in again is required. If you see a screen to scan a qr code, there are no active sessions.


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