With these 7 workout apps you don’t have to go to the gym anymore

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the gyms are closed and most of us are staying at home. It is of course good to keep moving as much as possible. Fortunately, you can also keep fit indoors. These are the best apps to do a workout at home.

The best home workout apps

The gyms are currently closed, but you can also stay in good shape from home. Without fitness equipment, there are still plenty of exercises to keep you in shape. The following apps will help you with that.

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1. Seven

With Seven you do a workout of only seven minutes every day. You will be presented with various workouts that you have to follow. You fill in your goals and the app helps you to achieve your goal by adjusting the workouts accordingly. You don’t need anything, just your iPhone. Do you want to take the next step? Then with a premium subscription you get access to two hundred exercises to add more variety to your workouts.

2. Workout Women

Workout Women is a fitness app especially for women. You first set what you would like to achieve: for example, losing weight, or improving your condition. Based on that, you will see a number of workout packages. Tap one and do the exercises that come with it. You don’t need anything for it, but if you like you can use a yoga mat to do the exercises.

3. Six Pack

Nothing to do at home? Then train in thirty days to get a six pack. The app becomes your personal trainer and shows by means of a 3D animation which exercises you should do and which muscle groups you train with them. With workouts between 10 and 30 minutes you keep moving every day. Extra handy: the app syncs with the Apple Watch, so you can immediately see how many calories you have burned.

4. Basic FitFi

Are you a member of Basic Fit? Then you can also get started at home for free with the Basic Fit app. Besides your class schedules and fitness activity, there are many ready-made workouts in the app. In addition, it contains more than 2000 exercises with useful 3D demonstrations.

5. Home Workouts

The name says it all. The app gives you daily training routines for various important muscle groups. Without having to go to the gym, you train your abs, chest, legs, arms and glutes. There are also exercises for the whole body. Useful videos show you immediately how to perform an exercise.

6. Nike Training Club

The Nike Training Club offers over 185 free workouts. Think of strength training, endurance, mobility and yoga. For each exercise you can watch a video to see how you perform it. The workouts are both short and long. It is also possible to create a personal training schedule, so that it fits exactly into your daily schedule.

7. Virtuagym

With Virtuagym you no longer need a gym at all. Under the guidance of a 3D-animated personal trainer you do one of the 5000 exercises daily. With the ready-made workouts you stay in good shape. The app tracks your progress for you and gives you tailor-made schedules, so both beginners and elite athletes can get started right away.

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