Xiaomi to stop cloud photo backup feature in Xiaomi Cloud

Xiaomi to stop cloud photo backup feature in Xiaomi Cloud

Xiaomi will pull the plug on its cloud service before the end of this year. With this feature, you can have all your photos from your gallery backed up to the Xiaomi Cloud. The ‘Gallery Sync’ function will therefore have to disappear, and thus your photos can no longer be backed up on Xiaomi Cloud.

Xiaomi Cloud

The Xiaomi Cloud is a cloud service where you can back up all your photos, notes, messages and contacts, among other things. This service is free up to a certain number of gigabytes for all users of a Xiaomi smartphone, these users will also find an app for the Xiaomi Cloud on their device. You get 5 GB of free storage.

However, backing up photos will disappear, reports Kacper Skrzypek. He is a rumor spreader of Xiaomi news who is often right. He took to Twitter with the following message: “Xiaomi is going to cancel the syncing of photos and videos with Xiaomi Cloud and provide a new way to move them to Google Photos. The date is not yet known, but it will start in 2022.”

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Other cloud services and what next?

According to Kacper, Xiaomi will end the ‘Gallery Sync feature’ later this year. Later in 2023, all photos on the service would be removed. After this, it will no longer be possible to put new photos on the service or have them backed up. It is rumored that Xiaomi will discontinue the feature step by step and in phases in different regions. It is not known exactly why Xiaomi will have come to this decision, but one of the reasons seems to be the small number of users. The latter will also be one of Xiaomi’s reasons for working with Google to integrate Google Photos (even) better. Also for transferring all photos in the Xiaomi Cloud, Xiaomi will work closely with Google.

If you are a user of Xiaomi Cloud and you are not sure which cloud service for photos is the best to use. Then read our tips in the article below. The other services in Xiaomi Cloud would still exist.

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