Yoni Egg: Pleasure and pelvic floor training

Yoni Egg: Pleasure and pelvic floor training
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A yoni egg is usually made of precious stones such as jade or rose quartz. Inserted into the vagina, it is said to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and increase pleasure. You can read what it’s all about here.

The yoni egg has grown in popularity in recent years. It is promised from many sides: Yoni eggs should ensure the best sex of your life. But is the practice really safe?

Frequently, the eggs are made of semi-precious stones as love balls called and put in the category of sex toys. Yoni eggs are not used for stimulation or during sex.

Nevertheless, yoni eggs can have a positive effect on your sex life, because you can train your pelvic floor with the stone. This should also help you to improve the connection to your femininity and your vulva or vagina.

The myth surrounding their origin also adds to the fascination. The eggs are said to come from China and were used by aristocratic women 5000 years ago to honor the feminine, strengthen the pelvic floor and increase lust. To prove this, researchers from the USA searched four American databases of Chinese art and archeology with a total of 5000 jade objects. Since the search was in vain, the origin from the Asian region is now considered unproven.

The word yoni comes from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, and is used in the tantric tradition for the female genitals.

A yoni egg can be a step in the journey of exploring your femininity. The practice is very intimate and only you can decide if it is right for you. In this article you can read what you need to know to walk this path responsibly and safely.

Yoni Ice Cream Health Benefits

The yoni egg supports your pelvic muscles and thus your health.
The yoni egg supports your pelvic muscles and thus your health.
(Photo: Daniela Staber/Techzle.com)

Manufacturers advertise a variety of health benefits of yoni eggs. However, there are no scientific studies on this.

This is how the practice with the yoni egg should support your health:

  • Through the weight of the stone you train your pelvic floor muscles and strengthens the muscles of your vagina, which has a number of advantages. Among other things, it can help women to increase muscle tone (the intrinsic tension of the muscle) after pregnancy. It is recommended to only start training with the Yoni Egg after pregnancy.
  • Women with incontinence problems can also benefit from it. A good connection to the pelvic floor also increases Bladder Control.
  • In addition, manufacturers claim the stones would have a positive effect on the hormone balance and affect the cycle.

caution, if you carry the egg longer. Because the muscles are constantly contracting through the egg, it can cause muscle spasms or strains. Therefore, you should approach the wearing time of the egg. Start with an hour first before slowly increasing it.

A better connection to your womb will probably also benefit your health. Only you can find out how this affects you individually.

More pleasure through the yoni egg?

The practice with the yoni egg can increase pleasure.
The practice with the yoni egg can increase pleasure.
(Photo: Daniela Staber/Techzle.com)

While the yoni egg isn’t a sexual practice per se, a better connection to your vagina and pelvic floor muscles naturally has an impact on your sex life as well.

By strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, the yoni egg helps you get a better feel for your vagina and what’s happening inside you. While you may not feel the egg inside you at first, over time you will be able to use your muscles to move the egg up and down. That should turn to more sensitivity and awareness during intercourse to lead.

Through this intensive examination of your body and your vagina you lose shame. This will make it easier for you to relax and let go, while also learning your specifically control the vaginal muscles. Both also contribute to better sex and increase the likelihood of orgasms.

The positive effects of the yoni ice are mainly due to the intensive examination of yourself and a better feeling for your pelvic floor muscles.

It is important for you to know that the practice with the egg is a pure self-practice acts. So you don’t use the egg as a sex toy with your partner. It is also not intended for masturbation.

This is how you use the yoni egg correctly

Insert the yoni egg with the wide side first.
Insert the yoni egg with the wide side first.
(Photo: Daniela Staber/Techzle.com)

Working with the yoni egg is very individual and intimate. The journey is different for every woman. Try what works for you.

Here are some tips and hints so you know what to look out for when using the egg:

  1. Give yourself time and space to work with the egg. Make sure you’re on your own and feel safe so you can relax.
  2. It helps to establish a good connection with yourself first. For example, you can lie on your back, place one hand over your heart, and warm the egg in your other hand before placing it on your abdomen. Here you can also think about an intention for the practice with the egg. Alternatively, you can do a little meditation, such as a womb meditation. You can even find it on YouTube guided meditations to the yoni egg. However, all this is not a must.
  3. When you’re ready, insert the egg into you, wide side first, and use your muscles to try to push the egg further up.
  4. Now you can do different exercises with the egg. You can also put the yoni egg in yours morning routine integrate or with the egg yoga or breathing exercises do.
  5. At the beginning it is enough to wear the yoni egg for one to two hours. The safer you feel with it and the better your muscles are already trained, the longer you can wear it.

How do I get the yoni egg out again?

Some women are afraid the yoni egg will get lost inside them and they won’t be able to get it out.

For this reason there are eggs with a small hole. Here you can attach a thin nylon thread and pull it out of you again. This can be helpful in the beginning, but a major disadvantage is that the hole is very difficult to clean and bacteria can collect in it.

The more you practice, the better your feeling for the yoni egg and where it is in you at the moment.

This is how you proceed if you want to perform the yoni egg again:

  1. Sit in a deep squat, like in the yogic squat (malasana).
  2. Relax consciously, especially your pelvic muscles. In most cases, the egg will fall out of you naturally, thanks to gravity.
  3. If you already have a feeling for your pelvic muscles, you can apply gentle pressure and make it easier for the egg to move.

The right yoni egg for you

Yoni eggs are made from different gemstones.
Yoni eggs are made from different gemstones.
(Photo: Daniela Staber/Techzle.com)

The practice with the yoni egg is a very intimate way to connect with yourself. Therefore, if you like, you can use an egg made from a specific precious or semi-precious stone. The different stones are said to have different effects. However, these have not been scientifically proven. The most popular include:

  • Jade: Originally, the eggs were probably made of jade. The stone is said to promote creativity, self-love and harmony.
  • rose quartz: The soft pink stone is said to connect to your femininity as well as the strengthen self-love.
  • obsidian: The black stone is said to have strong powers when working with trauma. He is supposed to cleanse the vagina of foreign energies.
  • Amethyst: The violet stone is said to be the connection to your so-called “third eye” and thus your intuition strengthen.
  • tiger eye: The shimmering tiger eye is said to strengthen the connection to your solar plexus, which is thought to be the center for willpower and self-consciousness.

The eggs also come in different sizes. The bigger the egg, the easier it will be to hold at first. Especially women after pregnancy are advised to have a large egg. If you are already a regular pelvic floor training operates, you can work with a smaller egg.

Properly cleaning the yoni egg

Store your yoni egg in a suitable container to keep it clean.
Store your yoni egg in a suitable container to keep it clean.
(Photo: Daniela Staber/Techzle.com)

After each use of your yoni ice cream, you should wash it thoroughly. The greatest danger of the practice with the yoni egg comes from poor hygienic conditions. This allows bacteria to collect on the egg, which can lead to bladder and vaginal infections.

You should consider this when cleaning your yoni egg:

  • Rinse the egg thoroughly with lukewarm water. That should be sufficient in most cases.
  • After several uses, you can also boil the egg. But be careful – some gems have a porous surface that can crack further in hot water. It is best to boil the water and turn off the heat before putting the egg in.
  • You do not need soap or other cleaning products to clean your yoni egg, as the vaginal flora is very delicate. If you still don’t want to do without it, make sure to use fragrance-free products that are suitable for intimate cleansing and do not affect the pH value of your vagina.
  • Keep your yoni egg in a safe and clean place after cleaning it. A small box, bag or something similar works well for this.

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