You can create Sinterklaas poems on your iPhone with the help of AI

It’s that time of year again: poems! If you have no inspiration for nice Sinterklaas poems, call on the help of AI on your iPhone.

Sinterklaas poems with the help of AI

Maybe you had already thought about Sinterklaas poems this year ChatGPT and let your iPhone write, but that’s easier said than done. For starters, the free version of ChatGPT doesn’t exactly translate well in Dutch. In practice, you often get English poems translated into Dutch, and you don’t want that.

You can create Sinterklaas poems on your iPhone with the help of AI

For 20 dollars per month you can get the paid version of ChatGPT. A great option if you have the money for it. If you would rather not pay for AI, we recommend Bing in this case. It is free and you can also write poetry in Dutch. You opens Bing in the browser or you install the app.

This is how you create Sinterklaas poems with AI

To get good results, it is important that you give ChatGPT or Bing enough relevant information. Also specifically ask for a poem that rhymes in Dutch, to avoid receiving English translations. You can also say what the gift is, but that this should not be revealed in the poem. Here’s an example of what you might ask:

“Write a Sinterklaas poem of 16 to 20 lines that rhymes in Dutch. The poem is for my father. He is 73 years old, funny but also stubborn and he loves films and music. The poem may be funny, but not too corny. My gift for him is an Apple Watch, but don’t reveal this in the poem!”

Don’t expect perfect Sinterklaas poems to come out of your iPhone, because that is absolutely not the case. You can provide Bing with additional information and have it write a new version, but don’t expect miracles from that either. There is a good chance that there are one or two lines in it that you can use. If you want more lines, ask again for a Sinterklaas poem, but this time provide different information.

Chat G-Piet at Coolblue

If you have found a gift at Coolblue, you can go through it right away Chat G-Piet have a poem made. Creating Sinterklaas poems in this way only works on the Coolblue website and therefore not in the iPhone app. Furthermore, it works in a similar way: choose the gift, indicate who the recipient is and mention some character traits. A Sinterklaas poem will then be written for you.

coolblue AI

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