You can watch Formula 1 cheaply here

On March 2 we can enjoy roaring engines and skidding tires again. Then the very first race of this year is Formula 1 and of course you don’t want to miss it. We tell you where you will watch Formula 1 this season.

Formula 1: ready for the start

The new Formula 1 season is starting March 2nd starts with the Bahrain Grand Prix. We are used to Sunday being race day, but please note: the first race takes place on Saturday. Make sure you are ready for the start in your racing outfit with snacks at 4 p.m.

Unfortunately, Formula 1 is not free to watch, but you must take out a subscription with one of the services that offer it. We have listed below where it is most cost-effective to do this.

Watch Formula 1 in 2024 on Viaplay (with free F1 TV Pro)

You can watch Formula 1 cheaply here

You get the most value for your money with a Viaplay subscription. In the Netherlands, the streaming service owns the rights to broadcast Formula 1. You look at the free practices, qualifications and of course the Grand Prix itself. A team of experts is in a studio before, during and after the race to share extensive analyzes with you.

You can watch Formula 1 races at Viaplay, but also almost any other sport you can think of. If it’s time for some relaxation, alternate the sports competitions with a fun series or movie. You can watch the first race for free with the trial period and after that you will pay 15.99 euros per month.

But, that can be done cheaper. If you immediately take out an annual subscription, you will end up with: 12.79 euros per month. That’s an advantage of 20 percent. Presently you additionally get free F1 TV Pro with your Viaplay subscription.

Watch F1 via Viaplay
Watch f1 tv for free

Watch Formula 1 in 2024 on F1 TV Pro

If you are really only interested in Formula 1, then it is most economical for you to take F1 TV Pro. The service is fully equipped for fast sports. Of course you watch the Grand Prix, but with F1 TV Pro you choose which driver you want to see and which angle of the camera is shown. You can watch races from the past or watch interviews and interesting documentaries about Formula 1.

F1 TV Pro closes you down for 11.90 euros per monthDuring the first week you test the offer with a free trial subscription. So you can watch the first race completely free of charge.

Exit F1 TV Pro

Watch Formula 1 in 2024 with KPN, Ziggo and Odido

It is also possible to watch Formula 1 via a fixed channel on your TV. This eliminates the hassle of using different apps and streaming to your TV. To do this, you take out a subscription with your provider.

Providers often also give a discount if you are already a customer. At KPN the benefit can amount to up to 12.50 euros per month, including 5 euros discount on entertainment. This means your Viaplay subscription only costs 10.99 euros.

If you take out Viaplay via Ziggo, you will benefit if you also have a Vodafone subscription. You get a monthly discount of up to 7.50 euros on your mobile subscription. You can also watch Viaplay via Odido: there you will receive a 50 percent discount on the subscription for the first month.

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