You will soon be able to disable this annoying feature of WhatsApp

It has recently become possible to send short video messages on WhatsApp, but that function is now causing a lot of irritation. Fortunately, you can soon disable the feature on WhatsApp!

WhatsApp introduces short video messages

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp released a new feature that made it possible to send short video messages one after the other. This is similar to sending voice messages, but with a video attached. The short videos can be a maximum of 60 seconds long. In the chat, the video messages appear in a small circle and automatically play in mute.

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The new video function has now been rolled out to everyone, but is not immediately visible in the chat. Creating voice and video messages is done in much the same way, which is why WhatsApp has chosen to place the functions together in one place. To find the video function, you first have to tap the microphone to make voice recordings. And that is precisely what is now causing irritation among WhatsApp users.

whatsapp video messages

New feature causes irritation

So to switch between voice and video messages you have to tap the microphone or camera, depending on which function you last used. The two functions are placed in exactly the same place, causing many users to accidentally activate the wrong option. For example, a video message is now often unintentionally started on WhatsApp instead of a voice memo, and vice versa.

To prevent this, WhatsApp is working on a new update that will also disable the video function. You can turn off short video messages in WhatsApp settings, so that you no longer unintentionally switch between a voice or video message. It remains possible to receive the short video fragments, even if you have disabled the function for yourself.

activate whatsapp voice message

Update for WhatsApp available soon

By adding the option to disable video messages, WhatsApp is trying to remove the irritation among users. In the test version of WhatsApp it is already possible to turn off the video fragments, so it is expected that the function will soon be available to everyone. It is not (yet) possible to disable the sending of voice memos.

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You will soon be able to disable the annoying feature on WhatsApp. It usually takes a few weeks before the update is available to everyone, so we’ll have to wait a little longer. Do you want to know more about WhatsApp? Previously we explained how to edit already sent messages on WhatsApp. Read here how you can be online on WhatsApp without anyone seeing it.

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