Easy and free video editing in Windows 10

Windows Movie Maker is long dead and buried, but that doesn’t mean you should get a paid tool to edit videos. Windows 10 still has an editor with extensive tools to add music, text and 3D effects. This is how you easily edit videos.

Step 1: To the storyboard

type you video editor in the search box, then the editor will open in a tab of the app photos† Press the button New video project and give the project a name. With the button Add select the photos and video clips that are on the hard drive. You can remove material that you have loaded too much by selecting it and then clicking on the trash can.

In the project library, right-click the photos and videos you want to use and choose the command Post to storyboard† You can with the Ctrl key Press and hold to select multiple clips at once to place them on the storyboard at the same time.

First, import all the clips you want to use.

Step 2: Trim Clips

The storyboard is the timeline of your video. First, drag the media into the correct order. A clip is often too long. Select a video clip on the storyboard and then use the buttons crop or Divide† This will take you to a detail window where you can accurately indicate where you want to make the cut. You also read the duration of each clip.

Also nice is the option to add a title card. You choose a nice font and layout, and Kees is done. Moreover, you can enter very precisely when the title should appear.

In the storyboard, drag the media into the correct order.

Step 3: Run

You can add your own music via the option Custom audiobut in principle you don’t have to search for background tunes, because the thematic library Background music contains enough film music that you can use freely.

Video Editor also has a collection of filters that bring a certain mood to your project and there is even an extensive collection of 3D effects that you can apply to a clip. That way you add an explosion, a dinosaur, a confetti cannon, butterflies or birthday balloons. There is plenty of choice.

You can save the video in three qualities: High 1080pAverage 720p and Low 540p† In addition, you can duplicate the project and then start over with a copy. It can be that simple and fun!

If you are looking for more extensive tools, read our overview article with the best 20 free video editors.

Do you want to spice up the montage with 3D effects?

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