New photos iPhone 15 Pro leaked: this is what the new buttons look like

New leaked photos of the iPhone 15 Pro show the phone’s updated buttons. Check out the photos of the iPhone 15 Pro here!

New photos iPhone 15 Pro leaked

A few weeks ago, the first photos of the iPhone 15 leaked. The photos have so far mainly confirmed what we already knew: the entire iPhone 15 series will get the Dynamic Island. The iPhone 15 Pro (Max) also gets thinner screen edges. The photos also made it clear that the iPhone 15 will finally have a USB-C connection.

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Photos of the iPhone 15 have now leaked again, this time from the iPhone 15 Pro. The photos show the side of the new iPhone. Earlier there were rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro will get new buttons and those rumors now seem to be confirmed.

New iPhones get updated buttons

According to the photos, the iPhone 15 Pro will have one large volume button. Current iPhones have two volume buttons: a volume up button and a volume down button.

The renewed volume button of the iPhone 15 Pro also works differently than we are used to, because the button now vibrates when you ‘press’ it. This is also called Haptic Touch. The iPhone 15 Pro Max will probably get a similar button.

buttons iPhone 15 pro

It is striking that the mute switch has also been changed into a button. With this switch you can put the iPhone on silent. Where this used to be a switch, this becomes a button with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max). Handy, because dust and other dirt can easily end up in the current switch. This problem has been solved with the new button.

New iPhone no longer has physical buttons

It is expected that the mute button will also work with Haptic Touch, just like the volume button. The iPhone 15 Pro (Max) is the first iPhone without physical buttons. Instead, the new iPhone will have buttons that vibrate when you ‘press’ them. As a result, it feels like you are pressing the buttons, while in reality that is not the case.

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The iPhone 15 Pro (Max) uses special vibration motors to give you the feeling of pressing the button. Apple also did this with the home button of the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone SE 2022. And you also see it with the trackpad of the MacBook Air 2022, among others. By removing the physical buttons, the iPhone is even better protected against water and dust.

iphone 15 pro buttons

All iPhone 15 rumors in one place

Do you want to know more about all iPhone 15 functions? We previously listed all the rumors about the iPhone 15 and everything we know about the iPhone 15 Ultra so far for you. Are you curious how expensive the iPhone 15 Pro will be? Then check the price of the possibly most expensive iPhone ever.

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