You can surf with a browser. This is absolutely true, but how efficiently, pleasantly or safely this is done largely depends on different browser functions and settings. We give you 10 useful tips for Chromium browsers. Here is Tip 3 – Theme Library.

Toon van Daele

Tip 3 – Theme Library

If you cannot find a suitable theme in Chrome, click at the bottom Chrome Web Store for even more choices in the online theme library. Just select a theme and click Add to Chrome. To return to the standard view, click the three-dot icon in the top right and go to Institutions / Appearance / Restore to default settings.

You can also get themes from an online library in Edge. To do this, open the section again Appearance and click at the bottom Discover more themes. Select a theme from the Edge library and choose Download / Add theme. Choose Standard to return to the original view. Or click at the bottom of the theme overview Chrome Web Store to get a theme from the Chrome library, because thanks to Chromium this is also possible.

03 theme library 2

There are plenty of colorful themes in the online library