5 new functions for the Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google recently announced that the Google Assistant can count on five brand new functions. In this article, we list the new options and explain what you can do with them later. The functions will come in 2020, but when exactly is not yet clear.

Transparency about privacy

Google is a search engine giant and a data company. It probably knows more about you than you do. That is why it would be nice if we could say a bit more about the data that Google stores. Now you can arrange that in different ways, but one will be added later.

In the future you can ask whether the Assistant saves your voting commands, after which you get a brief explanation of what exactly happens with it. You still have to dive into your own account settings to arrange things, but this transparency and accessibility makes things clear and straightforward.

Planning of actions

If you now give a voting command to the voting assistant, he or she will immediately execute it. But soon the Google Assistant can also take into account things that you would like to do later. For example, if you know that you have to leave the house at three o’clock tomorrow afternoon, you can already ask if the Assistant wants to switch off the heating at around three thirty tomorrow afternoon. That way you don’t have to think about it a day later.

Leave memos

You know them: the yellow post-its that family and friends leave behind everywhere because you sometimes forget something. Soon you can do the same, but digitally. You can then ask the Google Assistant if he wants to leave a memo for a specific person, who can then view the message on a smart display, for example.

Google Nest Hub

Make phone calls faster

Furthermore, the Google Assistant will enable you to have a telephone conversation faster, by offering shortcuts of contacts. Soon you will be able to call the Google Nest Mini and the Nest Hub, among other things. If you have several people with the same name in your telephone list, then it is useful to state the surname.

Google Nest Hub


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