7 tips for more peace and serenity in everyday life

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Our world is noisy, fast-moving and stressful. Traffic noise, a wide variety of digital media, masses of information, smartphones, availability around the clock. These are all external sources of noise that can shake our inner silence. We need calm and serenity in order to get through difficult times and to be able to survive crises better, both as individuals and as a society

Internal and external noise disturbs our concentration and well-being. As a result, we make mistakes more easily, are irritated more easily and are less resistant to problems. That harms not only ours own Healthbut stresses too our fellow human beings. If we disagree Find your way back to more peace and serenitywe can also help others and stuff like that start a kind of positive spiral.

calm and serenity
Resilience is becoming more and more important in today’s world and is increasingly becoming the focus of public attention. (Photo © Anukrati Omar)

Why inner peace and serenity are so important

resiliencethe psychological resilience in the face of crises, is through the pandemic in the last two years more and more in the public eye. Some people seem to naturally cope better with fears, problems and crises and emerge stronger from them. A prerequisite for this is a caring for yourself and others. A mindful approach perceives without evaluating and then looks for solutions.

mindfulness and resilience however, are not qualities that a human being either has or does not have. Both can be learned and trained. The basis for this is a certain degree of inner peace and serenity, without which we cannot keep our psyche (and ultimately our body) healthy. avoid noise and the to seek inner stillness is therefore not a demarcation from our environment, but a necessary one Step towards a healthier life.

Meditation for more peace and serenity
Avoiding noise and seeking inner silence is an important step towards a healthier life. (Photo © Jared Rice)

7 ways to more peace and serenity

Calmness and serenity come from the feeling of being in control of a situation and being able to act. Because of the pandemic, many of us have lost that feeling because of factors that have turned our lives upside down that we could not control. we ask seven ways to regain inner peace and serenity and such to be better prepared for future challenges.

Create a morning routine

Get up as soon as the alarm goes off, quickly make a coffee, do a few small chores around the house and then rush to work in the hope that everything will be on time. When the day begins so stressfully, it is difficult to react to any obstacles with calm and composure. Instead, one should Establish a morning routine that leaves enough time to have breakfast while sitting down and drink coffee in peace.

Routines and rituals give us security. A conscious start to the day with time for yourself, having breakfast and drinking in peace, for example, makes us mindful of our bodies. As the morning routine looks is individual for each:n different and should adapted to your own needs be. It is important that it leaves a good, relaxed feeling and makes the start of the day as easy and stress-free as possible.

calm and serenity
Routines and rituals in the morning help to start the day better. (Photo © Tim Goedhart)

Start meditating

The monks of Far Eastern religions are famous worldwide for their calm and serenity. Her “secret weapon” is this meditation. So what could be more obvious than that Strengthen your own inner peace through meditative exercises? Meditate guides you focus on the momenton the own body and the conscious perception of the now. This allows us to escape the mind merry-go-round and events at a distance from a different angle regard.

The change of perspective helps to classify problems correctly and to be able to react more calmly. For example, an online course in meditation like the one from Techniker Krankenkasse, which teaches techniques and relaxation exercises for everyday life, is ideal for getting started.

Sleep yourself well

Our body recovers when we sleepour Psyche processes the impressions of the past day and our Energy stores are replenished. Those who don’t sleep well are overtired, irritable and prone to making mistakes, which in turn increase stress and make us sleep even worse. Ensure a healthy sleep next to the matching bed also a Bedroom that is dark, quiet, comfortable and not too warm. Also daily exercise in the fresh air support restful sleep. Caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals just before falling asleep should be just as taboo as exciting films or exciting computer games. While this may help to relieve the pressure in the short term, it will not help you get a good night’s sleep or feel more calm and serene in the long term.

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You are what you eat

A well-known saying is “You are what you eat”. This also applies when it comes to inner peace and serenity. Hectic snacks on the wing, high-sugar fast food and drinks, as well as convenience foods, raise our insulin levels. In this way we provide the body with a lot of energy, which, according to our biology, we want to dissipate with fight or flight – not good conditions for being able to react calmly and calmly. Not to mention that such a diet is neither healthy nor sustainable.

A balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables supplies our body with all the nutrients it needs. In times of stress, for example, the body needs a particularly large number of B vitamins and magnesium, which are found in foods such as oatmeal, nuts or bananas. If there is a shortage of these substances, the nerves are quickly on edge in the truest sense of the word.

Balanced diet is important
A balanced diet also helps to find inner peace and serenity. (Photo © Kevin Turcios)

Breathe properly and relax

breathe properly? Sounds banal and every one of us should be able to do it. In fact, our breathing changes in stressful situations. We breathe shallower and faster, it’s part of our body’s alarm system. Consciously breathing deeply several times breaks this cycle and let’s be more prudent. That Brain is supplied with more oxygen and can work better, we react more rationally and less instinctively.

Also at Proper breathing is extremely important in sport. who the physical exercise with calm and serenity and instead of performance, value time in nature and joint activities in a group with like-minded people, finds relaxation in the so-called resonance sport. The activity in nature alone or in a group is in the foreground. Running or walking groups or outdoor yoga and other sports are ideal for this.

Proper breathing technique is important when exercising
With the right breathing technique you can bring more calm and relaxation into your life. (Photo @ Jacqueline Munguia)

be nice to yourself

People who are kind to themselves know that mistakes happen and are human, but not the end of the world. Nothing and nobody is perfect, nobody can know or be able to do everything, so you shouldn’t expect that from yourself either. A friendly attitude towards oneself and a relaxed approach to one’s own mistakes helps to deal calmly and calmly with stressful situations and to learn from them. Being kind to yourself also makes it easier to see if a problem is within your control, because that’s the only thing we can change.

Social media detox

social media can in times like these, when everyone is talking about the pandemic, war and inflation, be very stressful for the psyche. Instead of a happy, personal exchange with friends, the News feed full of bad newsthat not only give you sleep, but also which can rob you of your inner peace and serenity.

Remedy creates a “rehab”, about only morning and evening for a limited period of time scroll through the newsfeed and otherwise avoid social media. If the feeling of losing control is too overwhelming, a “Social media break” of a few days or week help. You will then only collect information about current events once a day from trustworthy sources.

Peace and serenity in nature
Conscious social media consumption also contributes to inner peace and serenity. (Photo © Christopher Jolly)

Peace and serenity as the key to a healthy future

In order to get through crises well, we need resilience and prudence. Only in this way can we, as individuals and as a society, meet the challenges of today without additional problems or conflicts arising. Anyone who would like to seek supportcan the for example within a group make and maintain his social contacts at the same time. Groups, courses and advice can be found, for example, with health insurance companies such as Techniker Krankenkasse, which can help you to find suitable offers.

The good news is that resilience and mindfulness can be learned and trained and regain control a bit which helps us to find more peace and serenity.

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