AirTag beeps louder after update – and that’s secretly quite annoying

Apple has provided the AirTag with a new update. Stalking with this tracker has now become a bit more difficult. Read in this article what has changed and why Apple is probably not done adjusting the AirTag yet.

Apple AirTag Firmware Update: Here’s What’s New

It doesn’t stop. The eternal updates ensure that it never stays quiet around Apple’s AirTag. In the firmware update 1.0.301, Apple has provided the AirTag with a new function. The GPS chip now beeps louder if it has been labeled ‘unknown’ by your iPhone and is in your vicinity for a longer period of time.

AirTag notification

However, this is not the first measure against stalking with the AirTag that Apple has taken. Earlier, an update already caused a warning on your iPhone with an unknown AirTag. This only happens if it moves with you. However, we wonder if the louder beep in this device is a good addition. There is also a disadvantage to it.

The downside of the louder AirTag beep

It is of course very convenient. If you’re being stalked, you’ll get a notification and know there’s an AirTag nearby. Top! But the stalking goes quite against the original purpose of the tracker in.

Apple launched the AirTag to help find lost items. But in addition to stalking, he is regularly used to recover stolen items. Certainly in the latter case, the firmware update of the Apple AirTag is not really useful.

For example, if you attach an AirTag somewhere (well hidden) on your bike and your two-wheeler is then stolen, you can follow it. But then you have to find the bike within a day or two. After a few days, the AirTag also starts beeping and everyone knows that there is an AirTag hidden in or on the bike. A thief also manages to pick up the AirTag and simply throws the tag away. Now you have lost both your bike and your AirTag.

AirTag update

Update AirTag: that’s how you do it!

The AirTag does not have a screen where you can click the start of an update. It is also important to know that Apple is rolling out the AirTag update to users in phases. You don’t even have to do anything to download and install this update.

Your (paired) iPhone must only be running on the latest version of iOS and the AirTag must be within Bluetooth range of your phone when the update is ready to use. If you meet these conditions, the rest will happen automatically.

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