Aiways U6: new electric SUV from just under €49,000

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Ayways U6

Aiways adds a second model to its Dutch delivery range. The Aiways U5 will be joined by the Aiways U6, an electrically powered SUV with a steeply sloping roofline of which AutoWeek can inform you of the starting price before Aiways announces it itself.

Until now, the U5 was the only car of the Chinese Aiways. That is no longer the case. In October, Aiways finally unveiled the version of the U6 intended for the European market. Like the U5, the Aiways U6 is an electrically powered SUV, but unlike the U5 presented in 2020, it has a more steeply sloping roofline. The Aiways U6 costs a minimum of €48,950 in the Netherlands.

For just under 49 grand you get a 4.81 meter long electric SUV with a wheelbase of 2.8 meters. Although the wheelbase of the U6 is the same as that of the U5, it is about thirteen centimeters longer. The Aiways U6 has a 218 hp and 315 Nm strong electric motor, making it slightly more powerful than the 204 hp U5. Like the U5, the Aiways U6 has a 63 kWh battery pack in its bottom. There, the SUV squeezes out a WLTP range of 400 kilometers. In that respect, the U6 loses out to the U5, which comes up to 415 kilometers on a full battery pack. In just under 7 seconds, the Aiways U6 zooms to a speed of 100 km/h. The Aiways U5 needs 7.8 seconds for the same sprint.

Aiways U6

As a Prima, the AIways U6 is quite in its stuff.

Price Aiways U6

For the time being, the Aiways U6 is only available as a Prime. The Aiways U5 costs €44,850 in the same version, which means that the additional price of the U6 compared to an Aiways U5 of the same design is €4,100. However, the Aiways U5 is also available in a basic version called XCite, which costs €40,950. The standard equipment of the Aiways U6 includes a heat pump, a 3-phase charger, an extensive audio system with ten speakers and a panoramic glass roof. 20-inch alloy wheels, two-zone climate control, ambient lighting, leather upholstery, front and rear parking beepers, a 360-degree camera and adaptive cruise control with stop & go function and a traffic jam assistant are standard, the same applies to things like traffic sign recognition, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and an induction charger.

Since the Dutch market introduction of the Aiways U5, 440 units have been delivered in our country. The car had its peak year in 2020, when 428 Aiways’ U5 were registered. Only 11 units were delivered in 2021, only one Aiways U5 was delivered this year.


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