Analysis: This is when the new iPads will actually be announced

Apple still hasn’t announced any tablets this year, but when can we expect the new iPads? This is Apple’s cut-off date.

Finally new iPads in 2024

Since the introduction of the iPad in 2010, Apple has never waited so long before releasing a new generation. The company usually released at least one iPad every year, but that changed last year. There will be no iPad at all in 2023, making it high time for Apple to release a new tablet. Still, the company has not made any announcements yet.

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It was previously expected that Apple would even organize a special event in March to present a series of products. The MacBook Air 2024 was already released this month, but the iPad Air and Pro 2024 are also expected soon. For the time being, the new tablets have still not appeared. When will they come?

new iPads 2024

On this day, Apple announces the iPads

Previous rumors predicted that Apple would announce the new iPads today. That now seems unlikely, especially since the tablets would appear in stores next Friday. Many shops are closed this weekend due to Easter. If the iPads are announced now, Apple will miss an important first weekend to put the tablet on sale.

Moreover, during the Easter weekend, stores do not have time to prepare for the sale of the new tablets. There is therefore a good chance that Apple will announce the iPads the week after Easter. That means it’s on Tuesday April 9 it is likely that a press release from Apple will be issued in which the new devices will be unveiled. The tablets will appear in stores that Friday (April 12).


Display and update cause delays

Apple is still working on a special version of iPadOS 17.4 for the release of the new tablets. That update is not ready yet, so the company will need some time to release the new devices. In addition, the new OLED screen of the 11-inch iPad Pro causes delays. This is a completely new screen, which is not yet sufficiently in stock for mass production.

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Apple can therefore use the next two weeks to prepare the release of the new devices. We see major changes, especially with the iPad Pro 2024, because both versions of the tablet will have a new OLED screen. The Air appears for the first time in two models. Curious about the new tablets? Then read everything about the iPad Pro 2024 here and about the iPad Air 2024 here!

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