Apple are you watching? This Dynamic Notch concept for iPhone is really cool

Only the iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has the Dynamic Island. But the rest? This concept gives all other iPhones a Dynamic Notch!

Concept: Dynamic Notch for the iPhone

The Dynamic Island is a cool feature. This special version of the notch (only on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) is a bar that can change shape. However, the regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus remained with the notch.

Older iPhones have also received a notch from the iPhone X. The notch has become smaller over the years, but only since the iPhone 14 Pro have things really changed.

But wouldn’t it be great if Apple also gave the old notch a boost? That must be the artist InfraRedd also thought, because with this concept he shows what a Dynamic Notch can look like on iPhone.

(Almost) all functions of the Dynamic Island

As you can see, this improved notch takes over all the functions that you also see in the Dynamic Island of the latest iPhones. The window is a bit larger, which is understandable: the first notch on the iPhone X was very large. And, of course, this Dynamic Island feature should work on all iPhones.

The big difference is that the Dynamic Notch cannot split in two. The Dynamic Island can. When you start a second app there that supports the new notch, one of the two apps is sent to a separate ball.

iphone dynamic island

Buy iPhone 14 Pro (Max) with Dynamic Island

Will Apple ever give all iPhones a Dynamic Notch? We don’t think so… But you can already buy an iPhone with a Dynamic Island. You then have the choice of the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Check the best prices for both devices in our price comparison.

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