Apple comes with an AI for editing photos: this is how it works

Apple is working on a new AI that will make it much easier to edit photos. This is how the new feature works for your Photo Library!

Apple is working on AI for photos

There’s a huge update coming to your iPhone this year, possibly even the biggest update ever. Apple is working on iOS 18 and plans to catch up in the field of artificial intelligence. Siri in particular is reportedly getting many new features, including support for Shortcuts. It now appears that Apple is also working on an AI to make editing photos much easier.

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In iOS 18, the Photo Library will probably also get useful functions. Now Apple already uses AI to search for photos in different albums. All you have to do is enter a search term (for example ‘dog’), and artificial intelligence will display all photos and videos with dogs. From iOS 18, editing images will reportedly become much easier.

iOS 18 Siri

This is how you edit photos in iOS 18

You already have plenty of options to adjust photos in iOS 17, but you have to do that yourself. That is exactly what iOS 18 will change, because Apple will introduce an AI that will edit the photos for you. All you have to do is complete an assignment and the photo will be adjusted based on that assignment using artificial intelligence.

For example, you can ask to lighten the sky in a photo or to improve the quality of the image. Apple’s AI can edit entire photos, or just a specific part or object in the image. It is then possible to change the shape, size, color, texture and style of the selected part. So you won’t have to do this yourself anymore!

photos in iOS 18

AI can already be tried

Good news if you want to use Apple’s AI to edit photos now, because the company has already released a test version. In this test model it is already possible to upload an image and edit it with AI. Fill in ‘Instruction‘ in English in how you want to adjust the photo, the improved version will then appear as soon as you click ‘Example‘ you printed.

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Is the image not as expected? Then you can revert the edits and refine the command. This is still a test version, so no high-quality photos come from Apple’s AI. These limitations have undoubtedly disappeared in iOS 18, which will soon make editing photos much easier. Of course you can also edit photos yourself in iOS 18. Do you want to know more about the biggest update for your iPhone ever? Read everything about iOS 18 here!

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