Apple iPad vs Android Tablet: What Are the Biggest Differences?

Are you looking for a new tablet, but don’t know which one to choose? In this Android tablet vs iPad article we list all the pros and cons of both tablets.

iPad vs Android Tablet: Which One Should You Buy?

Apple announced its very first iPad in 2010. The device had a 9.7-inch screen (on which you could still count the pixels), an A4 chip and a rather bulky and heavy design. A lot changed in the years that followed. The screens got better and the chips faster. Apple released several iPad models over time, including the iPad mini and the iPad Pro.

Android tablets were especially trendy between 2011 and 2015. At the time, every major smartphone manufacturer sold a tablet, Samsung as Apple’s largest competitor. In 2022, a lot of manufacturers have given up on the tablet. Samsung, realme and Lenovo still offer modern Android tablets in the Netherlands and for some you pay a lot less than for an iPad.

But what is actually the best choice? Everyone has different interests, of course. In this article we list a number of essentials of camp iPad and camp Android tablet, so that you can make a good decision for yourself. So read on quickly!

Index: Apple iPad vs Android Tablet

1. Software: more or less personalization

The main difference between iPads and Android tablets, in our opinion, is the software. The iPad runs on iPadOS, a large-screen optimized version of iOS. Thanks in part to this software, the iPad runs very smoothly and you will hardly encounter any hitches or crashes. Android tablets run on (surprise) Google’s Android, the most recent version of which Android 12 is.

Both software versions have advantages and disadvantages. Android is especially nice for people who like to spice things up to their own taste. Think of changing the icons, cool moving backgrounds, different color themes and so on. Android also feels nice and familiar if you already use an Android smartphone.

Apple iPad vs Android Tablet: What Are the Biggest Differences?
iPad OS 15

iPadOS is a lot less extensive than Android in terms of personalization options. We don’t care at all, but that’s a personal matter. The biggest advantage of iPadOS is its fantastic software support. For example, the eight-year-old iPad Air 2 from 2014 still runs on the most recent version of iPadOS. This allows you to last much longer with iPads than with Android tablets, which are typically only supported for three to four years.

An iPad is also the logical choice if you already use an iPhone or a Mac. The devices are seamlessly connected to each other. You can use useful functions such as AirDrop, Apple Pay, Handoff, Sidecar and much more. In addition, there are more apps available for the iPad than for Android tablets.

2. Chips and speed: Apple wins by a big margin

A crucial part of a tablet is its speed – especially if you plan to use the device for work or school. The more you pay for a tablet, the more powerful it is. Apple has both equipped the iPad Pro and iPad Air with a super-fast M1 chip. This chip blows all competitors away and can also be found in a number of laptops and desktops from Apple, such as the MacBook Air and the iMac.

The iPad mini runs on an A14 chip, which we know from the iPhone 12 Pro. This chip is also very fast. Even the cheapest iPad with its A13 chip is still fast enough to play heavy games. So you can use any iPad that Apple currently sells for professional purposes.

iPad 2021

In Android land there is a huge range of chips. Manufacturers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek make dozens of processors for all kinds of different price ranges. The fastest Android chip at the moment is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. This can be found, for example, under the hood of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. The cheaper one Galaxy Tab A8 is anything but fast with its relatively unknown Unisoc Tiger T618 chip. However, using the internet, watching movies and playing a bit here and there works fine.

The most recent tablets from Realme and Lenovo both run on the MediaTek Helio G80 chip. Don’t expect any speed records from this either. If you want to use an Android tablet for work or school, it is better to choose a Galaxy Tab S8 model from Samsung. Then you have to accept the higher price.

3. iPad vs Android Tablet: Functionality

Do you like to draw, edit videos or do you do a lot with Photoshop and design? Tablets have focused quite a bit on creativity in recent years. For example, Apple introduced the Apple Pencil in 2015; a stylus with which the current generation of artists creates the most beautiful digital works of art. With apps like Procreate, the possibilities are endless.


Many Android tablets also offer similar functions. Where you have to purchase the Apple Pencil separately, Samsung simply supplies its S Pen in the box of the Galaxy Tab S8 tablets. Unfortunately, many creative apps (including Procreate) are only available for the iPad, so you have to look for alternatives.

4. Offer and prices: a tablet in every price range

In Android country, Samsung is still the most important player in the tablet area. The manufacturer offers many different tablets. There is the affordable Galaxy Tab A8 and the more expensive Galaxy Tab S8 series. This consists of the Tab S8Tab S8 Plus and Tab S8 Ultra† These are premium tablets with different screen sizes and features. For example, the S8 Ultra has a gigantic 120Hz AMOLED screen of no less than 14.6 inches.

The Galaxy Tab A8 is Samsung’s entry-level tablet. You buy the device for about 200 euros† For this you get 32GB of storage, which you can expand with a microSD card. However, do not expect a speed monster and the screen could have been a bit better. If you expect a lot from a tablet, it is better to opt for the Tab S8 Plus or Tab S8 Ultra. These tablets have large screens and powerful chips. They are also a lot more expensive: the S8 Plus costs about 900 euros and for the S8 Ultra you put such 1100 euros down.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Apple also offers different iPads for different prices. The cheapest iPad is simply called ‘iPad’ and has a 10.2 inch screen and a home button. The design therefore looks somewhat outdated. You pay for this tablet 389 euros† There is also the iPad mini and the iPad Air; almost the same tablets with different screen sizes and different chips. These costs respectively 559 euros and 699 euros

The best Apple tablet comes in the form of the iPad Pro, with a large 12.9 inch mini LED screen. For this you put 1219 euros down. There is also an 11-inch model, but it has a ‘normal’ LCD screen. This one costs with a price tag of 899 euros a lot less though. Both screens have ProMotion, or a 120Hz refresh rate. This makes everything on the screen move even more smoothly. Only the Pro-iPads have this.

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