Apple Music now has monthly Replay – here’s how it works

Apple Music recently introduced a monthly Replay, which allows you to see what your favorite music of the month was. That is how it works!

New Apple Music feature

Both Spotify and Apple Music traditionally share an overview of your favorite music at the end of the year. The big difference is that with Apple Music you can view that overview all year round, while with Spotify you have to wait until the end of November. Now Apple Music has added another new feature, with which you can even see your Apple Music Replay every month.

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The first month of 2024 is now over, which means it’s time to look back on the music you listened to in January via Apple Music. To view your Apple Music Replay from January, you unfortunately have to go to the Apple Music website, the feature is not yet available in the app. Are you curious about your overview? Then go to this Apple Music web page.

apple music replay january

Your musical month in one overview

On the special page for Apple Music Replay you can see exactly how many minutes you listened to music in January. Below that, Apple gives you an overview of your favorite artist, song and album from the previous month. You can even see exactly how many minutes you’ve spent with the music of your favorite artist. You will also see your top five most listened to in January.

Also nice: you can see the milestones you achieved in January on Apple Music. For example, the Apple Music Replay shows the month in which you listened to a hundred artists or played a thousand minutes of music. New milestones are highlighted every month, so you won’t miss a single special moment on Apple Music.

apple music replay jan

This is how you take out an Apple Music subscription

From now on, there will be a monthly Replay of your musical month on Apple Music. It remains possible to view your previous overviews, so that you can see exactly when you liked which music. A cool feature, which is one of the new functions in Apple Music. In the background, Apple is working on even more features, such as automatically compiling playlists with the help of artificial intelligence.

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Do you like Apple Music Replay, but don’t have a subscription to the music service yet? The overview will only be available once you have listened to music on Apple Music for at least one month. The first month is free, after which you pay 10.99 euros per month for the music service. Do you have a new iPhone, iPad, Mac or AirPods? Then you even get six months of Apple Music for free. You also have direct access to Apple Music Classical. Read more about that music service here!

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