Apple Music spotted in Tesla: soon available for everyone?

Apple Music is a much-requested feature for Tesla cars. There is a good chance that the popular music service will soon actually find its way into electric cars.

Apple Music in Tesla cars

Many Tesla owners have been eagerly awaiting it for years: Apple Music for the popular electric car. But to date, the app cannot be found in the interface of the car. That seems to be about to change soon.

A visitor to the Automotive Museum in Los Angeles made a startling discovery. The exhibition featured a Tesla Model S with a new software version. The Apple Music app could be found on this. To log in to your Apple Music account with your account, you could scan a QR code on your iPhone.

Apple Music has been rumored to be coming to Tesla for some time, but it never really happened until now. It is not yet known when it will actually happen. But the latest rumors indicate that it may be coming in the December update.

Using Apple CarPlay in Tesla

Another much-requested feature for Teslas is Apple CarPlay. The electric cars have no support for this either. Whether Apple CarPlay will ever come is also unknown.

Polish developer Michał Gapiński didn’t feel like waiting for that. He built Apple CarPlay in a Tesla with a few Raspberry Pi’s (a kind of minicomputer) and some internet equipment.

A new (unofficial) version of Apple CarPlay has now also been released in a Tesla. With this software update, more Tesla models support the CarPlay browser. Would you like to try it yourself? Read more in the article below!

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More about Apple Music

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