Apple October 2021 event: these products are coming

Next Monday (October 18), Apple will host the next event. This is probably dominated by the new MacBook Pro, but the company is making more (product) disclosures. These are our expectations for the Apple October 2021 event.

Apple October event 2021: these are our expectations

The previous Apple event is not that far behind us. On September 14, the company had a virtual product presentation, announcing the new iPhone 13 models. The Apple Watch Series 7 also appeared on the scene and the company surprised with the announcement of the iPad 2021 and iPad mini 2021.

Next Monday, the focus will mainly be on the new MacBook Pro, which changes spectacularly. We are also counting on more product launches. Below you can read what you can expect from Apple during the October event.

1. MacBook Pro 2021

Apple is likely to announce a new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new machines will have the biggest upgrade we’ve seen since 2016. First of all, the design changes, with the sides being flat. The Touch Bar disappears and in its place are the physical function keys of yesteryear.

Apple October 2021 event: these products are coming

The new MacBook Pros also charge via a magnetic charging connector: MagSafe. That is not the only thing that returns, because the HDMI port, USB-A and SD card reader are presumably there again. Under the hood is an improved Apple Silicon chip: the M1X.

It has a 10-core CPU, including eight performance cores and two efficiency cores. You can choose a 16-core or 32-core GPU and the Mac can be configured with 64 GB of RAM.

2. Mac mini with M1X

Apple is rumored to be developing a high-end version of the Mac mini that will have additional ports and a more powerful Apple Silicon chip. It is about the same M1X processor as the MacBook Pro 2021 models. It is therefore likely that the new Mac mini will also appear this fall, but it is not a certainty. So it remains to be seen whether Apple will announce the Mac mini on Monday.

3. AirPods 3

Apple is working on a new version of the AirPods, where the design resembles the current AirPods Pro. Pro features are missing, however, such as active noise cancellation and transparency mode. This allows Apple to keep the price low.

According to rumors, the mass production of the AirPods had already started in the summer, which means that the new AirPods can make their appearance at any time. We were hoping for an announcement at the September event, but it didn’t materialize. Another chance on Monday.

4. Big iMac

In the spring, Apple presented a completely redesigned iMac, with a screen size of 24 inches. A new version of the largest iMac, however, was not forthcoming. It is expected to have a much more powerful Apple Silicon chip and will be a kind of iMac Pro.

In the rumor circuit, however, it is very quiet when it comes to this iMac. It is therefore unclear when it will be launched. But the October event is an excellent time to do that.

5. macOS Monterey Release Date

iOS 15 has been out for a while for the iPhone, but the big Mac update of 2021 has yet to arrive. That’s macOS Monterey and when we can install the new OS for the Mac, we’ll most likely hear during the October event. That may be this month. In the article macOS 12 Monterey official you can read what’s new.

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