Apple Pencil Pro: has really useful functions and a major disadvantage

Apple has released the Pencil Pro and the pen has new features that are really useful with one drawback! You can read all the innovations here!

Apple Pencil Pro: new functions that are really useful

The time has finally come: Apple announced the new Apple Pencil during the ‘Let Loose’ event on May 7. The Apple Pencil Pro is the successor to the Apple Pencil 2 (or Apple Pencil second generation) and has been given a number of new functions that are really useful.

Apple Pencil Pro

Squeeze and twist

The Apple Pencil Pro has a new ‘pinch’ function. This now also includes haptic feedback, so you also feel a vibration when you press the pen. You will then see a new palette on the iPad screen, so you can quickly change tools, line thickness or color.

Apple had even more surprises in store, because it included a new feature called ‘barrel roll’. This is useful, among other things, when drawing. You can then turn the Pencil and adjust the position of your pen or brush – just as if you were working with a real pen or marker on paper.

Apple Pencil Pro

Another feature that the Apple Pencil Pro has added is support for Find My. Handy if you have lost your Pencil too often, because you can easily find it again. Pairing, charging and storing still works as usual: you click the Apple Pencil Pro magnetically onto the long side of the iPad.

…but with a disadvantage

There is a disadvantage to this new Apple Pencil Pro, because it only works on the iPad Pro 2024 (11 inches, 13 inches) and the iPad Air 2024 (11 inches, 13 inches). So you cannot use the Apple Pencil Pro on the old iPads.

Buy Apple Pencil 3

The Apple Pencil Pro costs 149 euros. Apple said during the event that pre-orders start today and that the Apple Pencil Pro will be available next Wednesday. But it is always important to be there on time with new Apple products.

That is why we have already listed the pre-order pages for the Apple Pencil Pro from various providers below. Then you can be sure that you will be the first to get there!

  • View the Apple Pencil Pro at
  • View the Apple Pencil Pro at MediaMarkt
  • View the Apple Pencil Pro at Coolblue
  • View the Apple Pencil Pro at Belsimpel
  • Check out the Apple Pencil Pro at YourMacStore

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