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Mighty table mountains, deep gorges, magnificent rock formations: an entire village in Saxon Switzerland has dedicated itself to biotourism. During the day the guests go hiking, in the evening they relax in the hot tub with an ecologically brewed beer… more

Wolves and wild cats live in the north. You can walk through the treetops on the Saarschleife. And Taurus cattle will soon be raising their young on an old mining site. The little Saarland is full of surprises…. more

Between Chiemsee and Berchtesgadener Land, between Salzburg and the Tyrolean Alps: a piece of earth can hardly be more picturesque than the Traunstein region. On top of that, it has unique natural delicacies to offer. The largest inland delta or the coldest lake in Central Europe – or “children of the ice age” that shape our climate… more

For decades, the Wendland lay in the blind spot of West Germany. North, east, south: the GDR. Along the Elbe: the death strip. The fall of the Wall transformed this into the “Green Belt” – and made Wendland, Elbtalaue and Prignitz natural treasures in reunified Germany… more

The Ruppiner Land is just a good hour’s drive from Berlin. It is the home of storks, beavers, otters – and of Theodor Fontane, who explored the lake landscape on foot and with the poet’s eye in the 19th century…. more

Where Thuringia, Bavaria and Hesse meet, a sea of ​​gentle mountains rises: the Rhön. Once separated by the Iron Curtain, the region today invites nature lovers, adventurers and animal lovers alike. Visit to an underestimated low mountain range… more

River adventures, vine-covered slopes and a moor and heath landscape with a view over the Black Forest – Ortenau on the southern Upper Rhine is a versatile holiday region for hikers and nature lovers… more

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania’s wildest corner: If you want to experience the Peenetal, you have to get on the water. The fen area that surrounds the river is an insider tip for bird lovers and those seeking peace and quiet – tourism in harmony with nature… more

Sauerland is hiking country. But recently tourists and locals can also discover 43 spiritual places in the south of Westphalia. Find peace and quiet in the most beautiful and exciting places in the region: nature visited four of them… more

Do you miss the cuckoo clock and cherry cake at the Bollenhut? Luckily, there are natural attractions waiting behind every second bend in the Black Forest. No matter whether you are looking for small adventures or a big break: you will find what you are looking for in the southwest German Highlands…. more

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