Audi expands price list A3 Sportback

Fairly soon after the unveiling of the new generation of the A3 Sportback, Audi released the first prices of that new hatchback. The price list has now been extended with new versions.

The fourth-generation A3 Sportback made its digital debut on what should have been the eve of the Geneva Motor Show. A few days later, Audi released the first prices of the hatchback. The A3 Sportback with 110 hp 30 TFSI petrol engine changes from € 34,400 and for the 150 hp 35 TFSI and 116 hp 30 TDI Audi wants to receive € 36,820 and € 38,570 respectively. In all cases, these were currently A3s with a manual six-speed gearbox. Audi now reports what the 35 TFSI S tronic automatic costs and immediately adds a 35 TDI version to the price list, a diesel version that is equipped with that S-tronic automatic in all cases.

If you want to park the A3 Sportback with 150 hp and 250 Nm strong 1.5 TFSI with S tronic transmission in front of the door, you must count on a price tag of € 37,950. For that applies you drive the A3 Sportback as Pro Line Edition. The Business Edition, S Edition and Edition One cost € 37,950, € 41,950 and € 42,090 respectively with this engine and bucket combination. Then there is the 35 TDI, a new diesel version in the form of a 150 hp version of the 2.0 TDI. The starting price of this diesel, which is always coupled to the S-tronic automatic transmission, is set at € 44,410. As a Business Edition, it also costs € 44,410, while the S Edition and the temporarily available Edition One go for € 48,410 and € 48,600.

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