Automatic spaces on Samsung device

auto-space android

A Samsung device can automatically put spaces when you type text. To do this, turn on automatic spacing via the keyboard settings.

Autospacing automatically separates typed words with a space. It is certainly indispensable in combination with the ‘Predictive text’ or ‘Swipe to type’ functions (entering text by swiping over the letters of a word). After an update, it sometimes happens that automatic spacing is turned off. Turn it back on through the settings.

The following steps were tested using a Samsung smartphone running Android 8, 9, and 10.

  • Open the app Institutions.
  • Tap on General management > Language and input.
  • Under ‘Keyboards’, tap On-Screen Keyboard.
  • Tap on Samsung Keyboard.
  • Tap on smart typing.
  • Tap on Auto-spacing.
  • Tap behind ‘Dutch’ on the gray slider.

The scroll bar turns blue. Auto-spacing is now on.

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