Automatically see people around you when you wear the Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro is a spatial computer that you will mainly use alone. When someone comes near you, you can see them thanks to the cameras on the outside and the ‘People Awareness’ function.

People Awareness ensures that people are always visible when you use the Vision Pro. Of course, you will immediately see the people around you if you use the Vision in combination with your environment. Thanks to the awareness function, it is also possible to see people when you are in a virtual environment.

Mixed reality or Virtual reality

You can use the Vision Pro in two ways: Mixed Reality or Virtual Reality. With Mixed, digital windows and apps are projected into your current environment. The cameras on the outside show the physical world and visionOS places windows, objects or apps in it. This means you are always aware of what is going on in your environment.

Automatically see people around you when you wear the Vision Pro
People Awareness © Apple

You can also fully immerse yourself in a virtual environment. Environments allow you to transform your physical environment into another place, such as Yosemite, Mount Hood, or the moon. Some apps also have exclusive environments that are only available when the app is being used. The room you are in will be replaced by a virtual place.

People Awareness for Vision Pro

When you use a virtual environment, you do not experience anything from your physical environment. However, when a person approaches you, he or she will be projected through the virtual world as a kind of ‘ghost’, so that you can still interact.

Adjust People Awareness

  • Open Settings on the Vision Pro
  • Go to ‘People Awareness’
  • Enable or disable the option
People Awareness
People Awareness © Apple

In addition, you have the choice to reveal people only in virtual environments, environments and immersive apps or always. The latter will then ensure that people also become visible when they are behind a virtual window.

You can also disable the ‘Look to reveal’ option. This ensures that people will always be visible without you having to look at them. This means that as soon as a person next to you speaks to you or walks towards you, they will become visible.

Only for people and obstacles

Unfortunately, this feature only works with people when they actively approach you or sit with you. As soon as a pet, such as a dog or cat, comes to you and asks for your attention, it will not be visible on the Vision Pro.

In addition, the Apple Vision Pro also reveals some of your surroundings when you approach a wall. In addition, the virtual environment will also be temporarily disabled when an object approaches you too quickly (faster than a brisk walk). You cannot adjust or disable these settings. Please note that Apple Vision Pro does not detect all objects or obstacles.

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