Autonomous vision of the future in practice: Jaguar Land Rover Project Vector

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) presents a self-driving vehicle that we have encountered more often at car fairs in recent years. The Project Vector is therefore “the future of urban transport”.

It is a bit different than a timeless Range Rover or fierce Jaguar F-Type, this Project Vector. The vehicle is a joint project of Jaguar and Land Rover and therefore bears both names on its largely glass body. The Vector is four meters long and carries all components of the electric drive train that is not further explained in the widely usable base plate.

The carriage is apparently the same on the front and back, but the Vector seems to have a fixed driving direction. That is especially visible on the inside. Although JLR mentions all kinds of possible interior configurations “for private and shared use”, the photographed copy has a fairly common arrangement of four fairly everyday-looking car seats.

The sporty steering wheel even looks almost old-fashioned, if only because such a wheel is missing in many similar vehicles. The Vector is therefore not just a concept car, but will soon be used on public roads. The car is ‘autonomous-ready’, although it is not explained what that means exactly. It is clear, however, that from 2021, Jaguar Land Rover and the City Council want to start offering mobility services on the streets of Conventry. The partners hope to be able to further develop and test this service in this way.

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