BMW 4 Series Convertible ready for unveiling

The new BMW 4 Series is perhaps the car we have seen most often in camouflage suits in recent months. The 4-series Coupé has now been presented, but that is not the end of it. The 4-series Gran Coupé and 4-series Coupé have yet to appear and this time it is the latter that has surfaced almost without patches.

Much has been said and written about the new 4-Series Coupé, a rewarding car to redo your digital pee. Not everyone is charmed by the quirky nose that BMW has given the 4-series. If you are not a fan of that stubborn snout, you can of course also remove the 4-series Cabrio from his shortlist. That car also just gets the new front with which the models of the 4-series distance themselves from the 3-series with which they share the lion’s share of their technology.

The 4-series Cabrio is of course ‘just’ another cut-open version of the 4-series Coupé, but with the new roofless variant something special is going on. In contrast to the outgoing model, the new 4-series Cabrio will not have a complex and heavy roof construction with a steel folding roof. BMW simply applies a fabric hood again as BMW last used in this class on the 3-series Convertible that was sold until the mid-2000s, the E46.

BMW 3 Series Convertible (E46)

BMW 3 Series Convertible (E46)

You don’t have to count on any major surprises. As far as engines are concerned, you can therefore expect the arrival of various petrol and diesel versions. At the top of the petrol list will of course be the at least 480 hp M4 Convertible, a car that has a very potent sub-topper in the form of the 374 hp M340i. Later this year, BMW pulls both cloth and then of the 4-series. Afterwards, the 4-series family will be expanded with a new Gran Coupé and with a fully electric variant: the i4.

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