BMW develops K 1600 GT-p for Koninkijke Marrechaussee

Only a handful of them were sold last year, but that could soon be very different. BMW Motorrad Netherlands is in discussions with the Royal Military Police for a tender for approximately 185 patrol motorcycles based on a K 1600 GT.

At BMW Motorrad Netherlands in Rijswijk, two specially prepared examples of the BMW K 1600 GT-p were presented to the Royal Military Police on Tuesday, February 6. Both prototypes will be subjected to an extensive test protocol in the coming period to further fine-tune them as part of the quotation request for the delivery of approximately 185 patrol motorcycles based on the BMW K 1600 GT-p. The Royal Military Police will use them for guidance and control tasks.

The motorcycles are specially tailored to the specific use by the Royal Military Police. They are the result of an intensive development process to provide the BMW K 1600 GT-p with all the specifically required equipment to perform their tasks. This development process involved close collaboration with a specialist in this field: HSC in Nieuw-Vennep.

This entire process was preceded by a selection based on a program of requirements from the Ministry of Defense. It was concluded that only motorcycles from BMW Motorrad can meet the technical requirements. Moreover, only the BMW K 1600 GT-p turned out to be suitable for carrying out the main tasks of the Royal Military Police.

A high top speed and rapid acceleration are essential, especially for guidance and controls. With a maximum torque of 180 Nm at just 5,250 rpm, the BMW K 1600 GT-p ensures a very responsive throttle response, even at low speeds. The advanced 1,649 cm3 6-cylinder in-line engine also excels in flexibility across the entire rev range. The maximum power is 118 kW (160 hp) at 6,750 rpm.

Tom Crooijmans, Head of BMW Motorrad Netherlands:

“We are of course proud to be able to supply these motorcycles to the Royal Military Police. The installation and assembly was carefully carried out by our exclusive partner, HSC in Nieuw-Vennep and in close consultation with the professionals of the Royal Military Police. BMW Motorrad and our entire dealer organization are also involved in the maintenance of the motorcycles.

In fact, the agreement includes a total package so that the Royal Military Police and the drivers are completely unburdened and can make optimal use of this special BMW K 1600 GT-p. I am convinced that the motorcyclists of the Royal Military Police will again be able to carry out their work with confidence and great pleasure in the coming years.”

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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