Calex: smart lamps with support for Apple HomeKit

Calex has a wide range of affordable smart lamps that you can integrate into Apple HomeKit. Ideal if you want to save some money!

Smart lamps with support for Apple HomeKit

Are you looking for affordable smart lighting? Then be sure to take a look at the Calex range. You can control these lamps via the accompanying app, or easily integrate them into Apple HomeKit.

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Calex’s range is quite extensive. White light, colored light in all conceivable forms and for almost all available fittings. You don’t need a hub for the lamps we discuss here. You just buy the lamp and download the app, and you can get started right away. So no hidden costs!

1. Calex Smart Wifi LED Filament – ​​E27 – Dimmable – 7W

This smart, dimmable lamp creates a cozy atmosphere in your home. Via the Calex Smart App you can choose from different shades, from cool to warm white light, and dim the light to the desired level. All you need is a WiFi connection.


You can also have the lights turn on automatically via the app, or dim them at a specific time, for example. In the beginning it is useful to use the pre-programmed scenarios, but you can also adjust everything manually.

View the Calex Smart Wifi LED Filament here

2. Calex Smart Wifi LED – GU10 – Dimmable – 5W

With this set of two smart WiFi LED – GU-10 spots you create endless possibilities with different types of white light. You can also easily dim them via the Calex Smart App. For these spots you only need a WiFi connection and therefore no hub, link, or anything else.


Control can therefore be done via the app, but also via Siri if you integrate the smart lamps with Apple HomeKit. And if you wish, you can purchase a remote control. You must also add this in the app.

View the Calex Smart Wifi LED – GU10 here

3. Calex Smart Wifi LED RGB – E27 – Dimmable – 9.4W

With this set of two smart RGB lamps you can give your home a modern look. The lamps have varying options from cool white to warm white light, and the option to use color ambiance.


With the Calex Smart app you can switch the RGB lights on and off remotely, dim them and change the color. These multicolor LED lamps have no less than 16 million colors and thanks to the music function you can let the light move along with the bass of your music!

View the Calex Smart Wifi LED RGB – E27 here

Programming with the Smart App

With the Smart App you can set many different scenarios. For example, you can choose to turn all the lights in a room on and off with one tap. You can automatically switch lights on and off at a certain time, but also under certain weather conditions. Think of lights off when it gets warmer than 28 degrees, or lights on when the sun sets.

Operating the app takes some getting used to at first, but is not too difficult. This is mainly because more is possible than you think, so it takes some time to find the best options. Once set up, you don’t have to think about it anymore.

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The scenarios of the smart lamps that we have set up in the Calex Smart App all work perfectly. It happened very occasionally that it was not possible to switch a lamp on or off. You will then receive a notification. But it is really an exception. You can install the app for free in the App Store:

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