CapsLock Indicator – Lock keys under control!

Photo of two GMMK Pro keyboards, left with Celestial Fire keycaps, right with Celestial Ice.

The CapsLock, which sits above the Shift key on the left, is always a hit. If you don’t pay attention, your passwords will go horribly wrong. NumLock and ScrollLock can also interfere. But good news: from now on no more!

We start on the website, because that’s where you’ll find the CapsLock Indicator tool. You download the software from the page Download. Choose the most recent version. Also get directly via the page translations the Dutch translation of CapsLock Indicator op. The retrieved exe file runs portable and does not need to be installed.

Place the file in its own folder and create the subfolder inside it NL at. The Dutch translation comes in the form of a zip file (compressed folder) that you unpack in the subfolder you created just before. NL. This basically completes the installation of CapsLock Indicator.

CapsLock Indicator is in its own folder, including the Dutch translation.

Set up neatly

When CapsLock Indicator is launched next, you start by setting up this tooling properly. The first step is to switch to a Dutch interface. As a second step, check the option Start at login. This ensures that CapsLock Indicator with Windows 10 is started.

With the other options you can choose the default settings. On the tab Notification do you still have the option Show time set a little wider. That signals a bit more pleasant.

put on language bar

CapsLock Indicator just doesn’t show itself just yet. Only when you reveal the hidden icons on the taskbar in the system tray, you can see the status of the CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock keys. That’s awkward!

Therefore go to Start / Settings / Personal Settings / Taskbar. Click at the section system tray on the button Selecting which icons appear on the Taskbar. CapsLock Indicator lets you put three icons separately on the taskbar, so take your pick.

What you can also do is literally drag the currently displayed icons to the system tray. And with that, CapsLock Indicator has arrived at the desired place. From now on you will be notified every time CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock change status.

CapsLock Indicator is still hidden here in the Windows 10 system tray.

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