CBR relaxes corona measures driving exams

Volkswagen ID3 training car

The CBR is relaxing the previously instituted corona measures for driving lessons and driving exams. The limitation on the number of people in the car during driving lessons will expire, as will the 1.5 meter measure and the mouth cap obligation. However, the CBR does stick to the mouth cap obligation when taking exams, tests and driving tests in closed vehicles.

Driving schools are still free to use any corona measures, but the CBR no longer makes this mandatory. Also for theory lessons on location, the obligations of a fixed seat, 1.5 meters away and wearing a mouth cap are no longer applicable. This also applies to the theory exams.

During the practical exams, the CBR will allow instructors to ride along again from 1 April for the interim test and the RIS tests. This is not yet the case with the regular practical exam. However, the reception and final conversations will take place outside for the time being. Furthermore, as of today, the CBR will open its doors at all locations for candidates and trainers who use the services of the CBR. There is no obligation to wear a mouth cap inside.

Selection at the gate

The CBR recently argued for stricter testing for the driving test. With this, the implementing agency wants to increase the chance of success and shorten the waiting times. At present, a driving instructor still determines when his or her student appears to be ready for the driving test, but in the future two driving schools must give their approval before a student is allowed to drive. The CBR is currently conducting a pilot with this.

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