Check breathing per minute while you sleep with Apple Watch

Sleeping well is important for your health, but it is not easy for everyone. Tracking your sleep patterns is a good start and you can do this with the help of the Sleep app for Apple Watch. By wearing the smart watch at night, your heart rate can be monitored and, since watchOS 8, your breaths per minute are also recorded.

The accelerometer in the smart watch detects the subtlest movements of your breathing and thus sees when you are awake or asleep. The microphone also helps determine the breathing frequency. You can check how many breaths you take per minute via Health for iPhone.

Respiration rate for Apple Watch

By calculating how many times you breathe per minute in your sleep, the Apple Watch gives you more insight into your overall health. Respiratory rate refers to the number of times you breathe per minute. When you breathe in, your lungs fill with air and oxygen is added to your blood while carbon dioxide is removed from your blood. The carbon dioxide is then expelled from your lungs when you exhale.

Apple Watch while sleeping

Your breathing rate can increase when your body needs more oxygen, such as when you exercise, and it can also decrease when you need less oxygen, such as when you sleep. The Apple Watch can record your breathing frequency. These measurements are available for people aged 18 and over. The results are not intended for medical use, not even for self-diagnosis or consultation with a doctor. These are for general indication for fitness and health purposes only.

Check breathing per minute

  • Open the Health app on your iPhone
  • Navigate to ‘Data’
  • Tap ‘Breathing’
  • Search for ‘Respiratory rate’ in the list
  • View the results
Monitor breathing per minute during sleep

If necessary, tap ‘Show more data for ‘Respiratory rate’ to view a detailed overview. Over time, more information will also be provided at Trends. In addition to Sleep, you can now view even more data over a longer period, so that you get an idea of ​​how your health is developing in the long term.

Measuring breathing during sleep

Measuring your breathing while sleeping is performed automatically when you wear the Apple Watch during the night. You can read exactly how the Sleep app works and how you can activate it in the article below.

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