Comeback of Touch ID on iPhone is taking longer than you think

Don’t like Face ID and would much rather go back to the days when you could unlock your iPhone with your finger and Touch ID? The fingerprint sensor is coming back, but maybe not as soon as you think.

Touch ID and Face ID

It’s never right. Since Apple introduced a new biometric authentication for the iPhone with Face ID, many fans have been waiting for the return of the Touch ID fingerprint scanner on new iPhones. According to the latest rumors, it will indeed return and the solution could be a technique that places the scanner under the display.

Similar sensors are already in use at some competitors, but so far have not met Apple’s requirements. But Apple is further investigating the technology surrounding the fingerprint sensor under the screen. This should make its debut on an iPhone with all screen: without notch and without Dynamic Island.

Previous rumors about Touch ID in the screen

Rumors have often circulated that the time is right for an iPhone with Touch ID below the screen. Still, Apple’s plans for the technology remain quite opaque. However, it’s no secret that Apple has been working on an under-display Touch ID system since at least 2013, with the company being awarded several patents over the years.

In a 2021 post, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that Apple would launch at least one new iPhone model with an under-display fingerprint scanner in the second half of 2023. However, seven months later, Kuo said Apple was unlikely to launch a premium iPhone with Touch ID in 2023 or 2024. Then it became very quiet again about the fingerprint sensor.

New rumors about fingerprint sensor in the screen

Now the leaker throws yeux1122 added fuel to the rumor fire. He reports on the Korean blog Naver that Face ID will first be placed under the display, and that Touch ID will follow two to three years later. As a source he cites sources within the industry.

Coupled with a recently released roadmap from display expert Ross Young, a new version of Touch ID under the display could arrive as early as 2026 at the earliest. Assuming, of course, that Apple doesn’t change its mind until that point and still wants to put Touch ID under the iPhone screen.

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