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You have a series of images that you want to edit all in the same way, such as mirroring or resizing. Or you want to convert them to another image format or make the file names a bit more logical. Converseen performs all these operations neatly and in batch for you.





Linux, FreeBSD and Windows (XP and higher; also portable)
6 Score 60 Score: 60

  • Pros
  • Numerous output formats
  • User friendly
  • Negatives
  • No dynamic preview
  • Limited number of manipulations and settings

The installation of Converseen is easy. The tool does ask if you want to reinstall GhostScript. This is (only) necessary if you also want to have PDF files edited by Converseen. The main Converseen window consists of two windows: on the left the window where you define what should be done and on the right the list of files to which you want to apply those actions.


You must first get all the desired files in Converseen. You can import multiple files at the same time from the menu or via a simple drag gesture. Keep in mind that only the files where you put a check mark will be converted. By default, you will see a preview of the selected image file in the action pane on the left. At the bottom you will find the conversion options, divided into two tabs: Dimensions and Rotate and flip, which immediately indicates which manipulations are possible. You can scale images (expressed in pixel size or percentage), whether or not while maintaining the aspect ratios, and also adjust the resolution. You can also rotate an image and flip it horizontally and / or vertically. A downside is that the preview does not reflect your changed settings.

All edits are nicely together in the action pane on the left.


You also choose the output format of the images you want to convert. You can leave the original format unchanged or select one of over 100 supported formats. There is also a button with which you can fine-tune the format settings, but regardless of your format choice, that appears to be only about the quality of the (possible) jpeg or png compression. It is useful that you can provide the output files with a prefix or suffix and / or an automatic numbering via a built-in ‘renamer’.


Converseen is a handy program for those who want to effortlessly perform some basic conversions on a series of images: scale, rotate, flip, convert to another image format and rename. Converseen ‘does the job’, but advanced functions are not included.

Converseen supports a solid number of output formats.

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