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HiPhi AHiPhi AHiPhi AHiPhi AHiPhi A

HiPhi A

Human Horizons once again shows the crazy HiPhi A. With its bizarre design, supplemented with spoilers, this car is unmissable, but it also lives up to its appearance with its performance.

The HiPhi A in itself is not completely new, because we were able to show it before and also mentioned the amount of horsepower. However, HiPhi, a brand of the Chinese Human Horizons, now shows the A from all angles and also explains the new model in more detail. Although, new model… in fact the HiPhi A is the ultra-fast top version of the HiPhi Z. So we jump to the other side of the alphabet in one go, but we can’t blame HiPhi for that. The HiPhi A has no less than 1,305 hp, which, according to its makers, allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 100 in ‘just over 2 seconds’. The top speed is almost 300 km/h, which is quite high for a vehicle that undoubtedly generates a lot of downforce with that enormous rear wing.

The HiPhi A, which is launched after the large HiPhi HiPhi therefore provides it with a unique and, according to its own claims, completely developed in-house drivetrain, which is quite impressive on paper. Because of that 1,305 hp, but also because of the 800 Volt technology and the promise that the car can maintain its peak power for more than half an hour. HiPhi places a striking emphasis on technology and seems to want to distinguish itself here. For example, the drivetrain is also said to be particularly quiet and contain many lightweight and high-quality elements. HiPhi has not yet said a word about kWhs and range.

Spoilers and carbon

HiPhi calls the A the ‘Hypercar for the next generation’. Although the car’s appearance is clearly based on the slightly less intense, but still bizarre-looking Z, a lot has changed. The enormous rear wing catches the eye first, but the car is also equipped with extra spoilers, extra splitters and extra carbon all around at the bottom. It also stands considerably lower on its wheels, which are of course also larger than normal for the occasion. The striking ‘Lidar bump’ on the roof has disappeared here.

Another striking feature of the HiPhi A is that the rear doors hinge backwards, like a Rolls-Royce or – slightly less appealing – the latest generation of the Opel Meriva. We don’t see that very often in the car world, although the regular HiPhi Z also has these doors. The interior of the HiPhi A can now also be seen for the first time. Here too, a lot of ‘forged carbon’, for example on the back of the very sporty-looking seats. We see the camera exterior mirrors and associated screens for the first time: the previously shown Z simply had traditional mirrors.

HiPhi Europe

The HiPhi’s less intense brother, the HiPhi Z, is already exploring European roads.


And why do we share all this beauty? Well, HiPhi, like many Chinese brands, has major European expansion plans. The brand has already shown its products at several European events and even has two European branches, in Munich and Oslo. The It is not known whether the A is also part of the plans.

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