Disney Plus is getting more expensive: prices up immediately

Prices at Disney Plus will go up immediately. You will now pay this for a monthly or annual subscription.

Disney Plus raises prices

When Disney Plus first came to the Netherlands at the end of 2019, you paid 6.99 euros for a monthly subscription. For a whole year you still lost 69.90 euros. The price of the subscription then rose to 8.99 euros per month, but now another euro is added.

Disney Plus is getting more expensive: prices up immediately

Disney Plus has immediately increased prices to 9.99 per month. You are for an annual subscription 99.99 euros lost. An annual subscription is currently the cheapest, you actually watch two months for free. Converted, that is about 8.33 per month.

Now that Disney Plus costs 9.99 euros, this immediately makes the streaming service one of the most expensive providers. You just have to remember that you do get films in 4K and HDR in return. With Netflix you have to take a more expensive subscription for that.

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More price increases on streaming services?

It is striking after ViaPlay has become more expensive now that Disney Plus also comes with price increases. Does this mean that all streaming services will increase their prices?

We actually expect more price increases to come. Are you planning to switch to another streaming service? We have listed the prices of the most famous providers for you. So get a subscription quickly if you’re still in doubt, otherwise you might pay more later! Check the offer here:

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