Electric seven-seater from Volkswagen caught

Although the ID family currently consists of only the ID3 and ID4, Volkswagen has an extensive range of electric models in the barrel. One such newcomer is the ID6, the larger SUV brother of the electric ID4. Today we see the ID6 again in its striking camouflage suit.

In September, the first photos surfaced of a new electric Volkswagen ID model that may be called ID6. The SUV caught then in southern Europe was disguised in a special way. Volkswagen seemed to have done its best to dress up the car as a Peugeot 5008, and the ID6 shot today in the snowy north of Europe is dressed up like the French SUV.

Volkswagen ID.  Roomzz

Volkswagen ID. Roomzz

The ID6, like the ID3 and ID4, is on the modular MEB base. It is the largest of the bunch. With the ID.Roomz Concept, Volkswagen already gave a preview of a larger electric SUV-like in 2019 and the ID6 seems to be the production version of that show car. The gap between the ID4 and ID6 will be filled by the ID5 next year. That ID5 is in fact a sportier ID4 with a more sloping roofline. The ID6 is clearly more practical. The roofline extends far to the rear and that should of course benefit the headroom in the rear. Count on a 5-meter long SUV that, thanks to a wheelbase of about 3 meters, can accommodate five to seven passengers. The sliding doors of the ID.Roomz Concept will not be reflected in the final production version.

Volkswagen ID.Vizzion

The modular MEB base offers Volkswagen the opportunity to prepare an extensive range of electric powertrains for the ID6. Count on cars with a 55 kWh, 62 kWh and 77 kWh battery pack and electric motors with outputs of 180 hp, 204 hp, 265 hp and 306 hp. Volkswagen has even more ID models in the pipeline. For example, a production version of ID stands for 2022. Vizzion planned. That sedan will probably be joined by a station wagon that same year, a car where the ID. Space Vizzion already served as a harbinger. More ID violence comes in the form of the production version of the ID.Buzz and its order version, the ID.Buzz Cargo.

Volkswagen ID.  Space Vizzion Concept

Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzion

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