Eredivisie on Apple TV+: Apple wants to buy broadcasting rights

The broadcasting rights of the Dutch football competition are on the street. Apple seems to be one of the major contenders to buy the Eredivisie. But Apple and football? Does that fit together?

Apple x Eredivisie: dream combination?

Apple is fully committed to live sports for the streaming service Apple TV +. After we heard earlier this year that the Major League Soccer, the American football competition, will be broadcast, Apple now also seems to want to buy the broadcasting rights for the Eredivisie. For this, the company must first make a higher bid than the established parties such as ESPN and Ziggo.

iPhoned heard this news from sports marketer Chris Woerts Today Inside: The Oranjewinter. In order to win the battle of Ziggo and ESPN, Apple reportedly has to pay almost 200 million euros a year for the television rights of the Eredivisie. Will the company do this?


Will we see the Eredivisie at Apple in 3 years?

ESPN, formerly known as Fox Sports, is currently the place to watch your favorite Dutch club play. You then pay a monthly amount via your TV provider and can then watch every Eredivisie match on your TV or telephone. In 2025, this may be different again.

Earlier this week we learned that Ziggo, which recently also bought the popular Champions League, Europa League and Conference League rights, was already involved in the battle to steal the Eredivisie from ESPN. This would make Ziggo the football channel of the Netherlands. ESPN loses the rights in 2024, so it must bid again.

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With Apple, a third party now appears to be interfering. The big winners in this auction? The football clubs. With this battle for broadcasting rights of their matches, their clubs earn more and can therefore ultimately count on a higher annual income.

best of apple tv plus 2021

What should Apple do with all those sports competitions?

Apple is also currently fighting to buy the NFL (American Football) rights. Earlier, the tech giant already won the MLB (baseball). It seems that Apple has embarked on a new course. Perhaps this is due to the success of Apple’s sports series Ted Lasso.

This comedy series, in which an American will coach a football club in England, may soon become a reality. According to some sources, Apple also has the desire to buy the football club Manchester United. Do you already want to have Apple TV + for the Eredivisie? You can do this for free by taking out a seven-day trial subscription with Apple TV +. Have you just bought a new Apple device? Then you get three months of Apple TV+ for free.

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