Even after WWDC, we still have to wait a long time for the Apple Reality

We’re likely to get our first glimpse of Apple Reality at WWDC in June. But for the real release you have to wait much longer.

Apple Reality arrives at WWDC

In recent months, more and more has become clear about Apple Reality, Apple’s first VR glasses. It seemed very likely that Apple would present the glasses in the spring of 2023. That turned out not to be the case and the launch of Apple Reality has now been postponed to WWDC in June. According to the latest rumors, Tim Cook is planning to present the glasses.

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The Wall Street Journal has now revealed that the glasses will probably not be available for a while after WWDC. Apple will present the glasses in June, but it will be a while before we can expect the mass production of Apple’s first VR glasses.

apple reality one

VR glasses will now only appear in the fall

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is still experiencing a number of technical problems, which may delay mass production of the glasses. The glasses will be presented in June, but can only be purchased in autumn or winter. The report even mentions December as the start of mass production. So please be patient!

The report from The Wall Street Journal also confirms previous rumors about the Apple Reality. For example, it can be read that the design of the VR glasses is very similar to ski goggles, with which the eyes are completely closed off from the environment. This report also describes that the Apple Reality battery is not incorporated into the glasses themselves. This makes it more comfortable to wear the glasses, especially for a longer period of time.

Apple Glass

Want to know more about Apple Reality?

According to the latest rumors, the Apple Reality development team would like to postpone the launch at WWDC again, but Tim Cook has declined. Cook, according to these rumors, insists that the goggles will be presented at WWDC. It is therefore expected that Apple’s first VR glasses will be officially announced in June, but will not be available for sale until (much) later.

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Want to know more about Apple Reality at WWDC? Earlier, a large leak revealed almost all the secrets about the VR glasses and it became clear that Apple probably requires AirPods to be worn when using the glasses. The company is now also reportedly working on cheaper VR glasses: Apple Reality One. Here you can read everything about the cheaper version of Apple Reality.

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