Face ID below the screen: is this the new Dynamic Island?

The Dynamic Island has only just been introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro, but Apple already seems to want to say goodbye to the feature. What will change?

Dynamic Island replaces the notch

The Dynamic Island is one of the most important new features of the iPhone 14 Pro (Max). This new camera hole at the top of the screen replaces the old notch, and changes size dynamically. For example, if you play music or run a timer, it will stick to the Dynamic Island, as it were.

The Dynamic Island has both advantages and disadvantages. The big advantage is of course that the feature is multifunctional and can be used with different apps. The disadvantage: the Dynamic Island is even more in the way than the ‘old’ notch. The dynamic island is placed a little more at the bottom of the screen, so you sometimes have to work around it. Does that bother you? Then there is good news.

iPhone 16 Pro Face ID camera

Apple files new patent for Dynamic Island

Apple has filed a new patent for the dynamic island. This patent describes how it should be possible to change the shape and position of the new feature. In this way, the new Dynamic Island on your iPhone not only changes size, but can also be moved to a different location on your screen. Super handy, because that way it will never get in the way again.

To achieve this goal, the company is now working on a technique to hide the Face ID camera and the front camera under the screen. Of course, the cameras cannot move with the dynamic island, so they must be invisible in the screen of the new iPhones.

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Also interesting: another Apple patent is about the elimination of sensors in the screen. This patent not only describes Face ID, but also gestures and Touch ID. It is therefore quite possible that the new iPhone with concealed sensors will have several ways to unlock the phone. For example, Touch ID can return and it is possible that you unlock your phone with a gesture.

dynamic island

Front camera will remain visible for a while

The new feature is expected to be a first step in completely eliminating the notch and the Dynamic Island. Apple plans to have the front of the iPhones consist entirely of a screen in the future. It is striking that the new patents only concern the sensors, so the front camera is expected to remain visible for a while.

Ross Young, expert in the field of displays, previously shared his expectations that only with the iPhone 18 Pro all cameras and sensors have completely disappeared into the screen. Apple is working towards that step by step and is now starting with the hidden Face ID sensor. That is more than good news: the Dynamic Island is then even more dynamic and is no longer in the way.

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