Ford registers ‘Ranger Lightning’ in Europe

Also electric Maverick on the way

Ford Ranger

Ford is working on a whole lineup of electric pickups. This is evident from some model names that Ford has registered with the European Union Trademark Office, found by They point to the arrival of an electric Ranger and Maverick. Volkswagen may also benefit from this.

Ford CEO Jim Farley previously confirmed that Ford is working on a second electric pickup in addition to the F-150 Lightning. The Ranger and the Maverick were on the list of nominees, but given the registered model names ‘Maverick Lightning’ and ‘Ranger Lightning’, it seems that Ford wants to introduce an electric variant of both pick-ups. Since the Ranger is not unknown in Europe and the new model is also coming our way, there is a considerable chance that a possible electric version will also be on our price list. The Maverick, which is smaller than the Ranger, is not yet available with us.

It is not yet known when Ford will introduce the new electric pick-ups. Ford will in any case build them in the factory complex ‘Blue Oval City’. That factory should be operational in 2024-2025. It is obvious that the official unveiling will also follow around that time. In America, Ford also registered the model names ‘F-150 Thunder’, ‘Ranger Thunder’ and ‘Maverick Thunder’. It is not yet clear what exactly Ford intends to do with these model names. In any case, it seems to point to the arrival of several electric pick-ups.

Electric Amarok?

If Ford comes with an electric Ranger, it is quite possible that Volkswagen will also bring an electric variant of the Amarok on the market in the long term. After all, the Amarok shares a large part of its genes with the Ranger and Volkswagen previously hinted that it is considering an electric version of the Amarok. One plus one is two, you would say…


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