FotoSketcher – Artistic Pictures

FotoSketcher – Artistic Pictures

Whether you turn a photo with sunflowers into a Van Gogh remains to be seen, but with the free and portable FotoSketcher you can easily convert photos into all kinds of drawings and paintings.

Step 1

You can get started almost immediately with PhotoSketcher, but it’s not a bad idea to hit the question mark for an online help section with instructions and great visuals. You can now import a photo via the folder icon or with Ctrl+O.

Step 2

A dialog box will appear where you select the Font Style, such as pencil drawing, pen drawing, Watercolor, cartoon and so on (about thirty models). You can then further adjust the result using sliders and functions. A preview immediately shows the effect.

Step 3

Confirm with Sign!, but you may want to save those settings first. You do that through Save settings; can be picked up again with Load settings. Click the gear icon if you want to record and save multiple actions in a script. You arrange those actions in one go with Run script.

Step 4

Via the T-icon it is possible to add text with your own font, transparency, color and location. The latter can be done accurately to the pixel. The scissors allow you to crop the source or target image. By default, FotoSketcher saves the result under a different name, in jpg, png or bmp format.


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