Get rid of it: Apple really needs to solve this iPhone problem

The iPhone is a great smartphone. But the iPhone has had a problem for years that has increasingly irritated me.

Apple really needs to solve this iPhone problem

I have been very satisfied with my iPhone for a decade and have owned several iPhones over the years. But one problem is bothering me more and more. And sometimes I get the feeling that the problem has only gotten worse in recent years.

polka dots iphone photo

Dot irritation on the iPhone camera

They are the small (often green) dots that you see when taking night photos. And I’ve noticed this problem on my iPhone more and more. That’s probably because I’m taking more and more night photos. Apple’s smartphone has really gotten a lot better at taking photos in low light since the iPhone 11. Then you will of course use this function more and more.

Yet I am increasingly irritated by the green dots. Then you have a nice photo, but there are still irritating dots. And with videos it’s sometimes even worse. If you make a video of a concert or performance, you will see a whole row of spots and they also move. In the video below you can see a whole row of these mini lens flares. And this was shot on an iPhone 15 Plus, in 4K/60.

You can mainly see the moving dots (lens flares) on the right side of the video.

But what are the dots on the iPhone?

But what are those dots? The strange dots are lens flares. And you mainly see them in night photos and when you have a (bright) light source in the picture. Any lens can get these lens flares and you don’t always notice them as much. But once you get them, they can be quite annoying.

What do you do about this problem on iPhone?

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about it. At most, you can check where the bright lights are before taking photos or videos and take them into account.

remove dots from photo iphone

Afterwards it is best to remove the dots on the photos with an app. The SnapSeed app is a good tool. The program is free to use and has (almost) no restrictions.

With video, removing the dots is virtually impossible. We secretly hope that Apple will one day make a useful AI video tool for this. And with iOS 18, that would be a great time!

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