Google Chrome is getting two new features – and that’s good news

Does your Google Chrome often crash? Or is the browser running slow? Then there is good news: Google Chrome gets two new functions in the update.

Two new features introduced to Google Chrome

Two new features were introduced to Google Chrome for Mac with the update: a power and memory saving mode. With these features you have more control over the memory capacity and how long your battery lasts on Google Chrome.

Memory saving mode: useful when editing videos

The first new feature is the memory saver mode. Enabling this feature frees up memory from the tabs that are open in the background. Freeing up the memory of the tabs you don’t use frees up more space for the tab you do use.

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According to Google, this new feature is especially useful if you’re doing intensive tasks like editing videos or playing games. These tasks often require a lot of memory, which makes them run more smoothly when the background tabs take up less memory. These tabs are only reloaded when necessary with the new feature.

power saving google chrome

Save your battery with power saving mode

The other useful feature that Google Chrome introduces with the new update is power saving mode. With this setting, Chrome automatically limits battery consumption as soon as your laptop has only 20 percent battery charge left.

This means that background activities on Chrome are reduced so that less energy is used. The same goes for websites with visual effects such as animations and videos. These effects are then also reduced. This way your battery will last a little longer.

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New update Google Chrome soon available for everyone

The new Mac update of Google Chrome will be available to everyone in the coming weeks and will be processed in version 108. Does your Chrome still often crash when doing heavy tasks? Please be patient, the update is coming soon.

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