Google Maps adds feature for Dynamic Island

In the coming months, Google Maps will get a new feature for the Dynamic Island. You will then see (just like with Apple Maps) the directions in the special notch.

Google Maps gets support for Dynamic Island

Good news for owners of an iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, because Google Maps will soon add a function for the Dynamic Island (the new notch).

Google Maps adds feature for Dynamic Island
Directions in the Dynamic Island at Apple Maps

At the moment, Apple Maps does support the special notch of the 14 Pro models, but Google’s maps app does not yet. The update for Google Maps that also includes the directions in the Dynamic Island will appear sometime in the coming months.

Google Maps: also for live activities

Not only iPhone owners with a Dynamic Island get a new feature with this update to Google Maps. The signposting app will receive support for live activities on every iPhone with iOS 16. This allows apps to show a special kind of notifications on the lock screen.

Google MapsDynamic Island

The feature is very useful for many apps. For example, you can immediately view live football results on the lock screen (or in the Dynamic Island), while the match is still going on. Or you can see how long your food will be on the way once you have ordered something. After the update, Google Maps will not only be able to show the route indications in the Dynamic Island, but also in the live activities.

Live activities are automatically on for apps that support the new function, so soon also for Google Maps. Want to know which apps support live activities? Or do you want to turn off the function? Here’s how to check whether an app has support for live activities and turn the new feature off (or on):

  1. Go to Settings’;
  2. Scroll down to see the overview of the apps;
  3. Choose the app from which you want to set up live activities;
  4. Turn live activities on or off with the switch next to the function (if you don’t find an option for live activities, the app does not support this function).

Buy iPhone 14 Pro (Max).

Do you still have an iPhone with an ‘old’ notch, but would you like a device with the Dynamic Island? Then you have to choose the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Check the best prices for both devices in our price comparison.

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